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Buy wallpapers - high-quality wallpaper design for creative interior decoration.

Do you want to embellish your walls? With the right wallpaper, you can give every room an individual and special flair. Design the rooms of your choice with a stylish wallpaper and you will experience your home in a completely new way. Because the right wallpaper creates a special atmosphere that conveys a good feeling. Whether for living rooms, offices or showrooms: in our online shop you will find a large selection of products of the best quality at fair prices. Would you like to buy wallpaper at a low price? Discover a large selection of great wallpapers here in our wallpaper shop!

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Buying wallpaper - skilfully setting the scene in rooms

Those who embellish their rooms with wallpaper give them an individual style. That is why wallpapers are more in demand than ever before. The different types of wallpaper are applied to the walls with suitable paste and techniques. Wallpapers consist of either a paper or non-woven backing and are made with various coatings. The term non-woven or paper wallpaper thus refers to the basic material of a wallpaper. You can choose between various types of coatings, such as:

No matter what room you choose wallpaper for, there are tens of variations of creative options for different living spaces, such as for:

But of course you can also use the wallpapers in our range for commercial premises such as offices, hotel or restaurant rooms and trade fair stands.

Wallpapers from renowned brands and designers

In our assortment you will find a large selection of wallpapers from leading German wallpaper manufacturers as well as other international manufacturers. Among others, you can buy wallpapers from the following manufacturers:

But we also offer you a selection of wallpapers designed by star designers. Among them are:

Let the collections of these manufacturers and designers inspire you to change your wallpaper.

In the mood for more colour? Discover the colourful world of wallpaper at FancyHomeTrends.com

Redesigning a room is a nice challenge that can be really fun. Re-wallpapering walls is therefore a brilliant thing to do because it offers even more creative scope. Looking for more colour variations and inspiration? No problem. Browse through our shop and discover the different shades, patterns and motifs of high-quality wallpapers. If you simply want to give your rooms a fresh new colour tone, you can also wallpaper plain lining wallpapers. The advantage: these non-woven wallpapers conceal every little unevenness of a wall and make walls shine with a radiant surface.

Pattern or motif wallpapers with designs from a certain colour palette also score with great colour effects. A living room with high ceilings, for example, can get a great new look with a wallpaper with a jungle motif. Whether bold or subtle, a new colour is always inspiring and inviting. Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to be creative with colours. But once you have started to get to grips with wall design, you will be rewarded. With us, everyone will find the right wallpaper for all creative projects. Our wallpapers also score with a consistent quality and a very good price-performance ratio.

Buy wallpapers and more at FancyHomeTrends.com

If you want to reflect your lifestyle with a meaningful interior design, you will find numerous possibilities to find high-quality and stylish wallpapers. High quality, modern design and affordable prices, that's what sets us apart. We offer a large selection of internationally selected wallpapers in all types, motifs and colours in our online shop. Also discover wall paints & varnishes, painting accessories such as rollers, brushes and more in our large assortment. Our wallpaper shop also offers home textiles and floor coverings for your perfect renovation. Order your new wallpaper now at FancyHomeTrends.com!