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Wallpaper manufacturers & their varied collections

Realise modern living concepts with exciting wallpaper designs from established wallpaper manufacturers. In our wallpaper shop you will find numerous wallpapers from selected brands at favourable prices. Design your rooms according to your ideas with our quality wallpapers. Browse our shop for beautiful wallpaper collections and discover the perfect wallpaper for your living space. Find out all about the different wallpaper brands for your living room concepts at billigerluxus.de!

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Wallpaper manufacturers at a glance

The leading wallpaper manufacturers launch new quality wallpapers on the market at regular intervals and impress with both trendy wallpapers and classic designs. While some manufacturers are increasingly focussing on modern wallpaper production techniques, other manufacturers are more traditionally oriented and rely on old, tried and tested production methods. Environmentally friendly materials and the issue of sustainability are increasingly characterising production planning, as environmentally friendly production and wallpapers that are as free from harmful substances as possible are becoming more and more important to consumers.

The wallpaper manufacturer Erfurt Tapeten in particular is facing up to this challenge and is focussing entirely on the resource-saving manufacture of its products. In terms of sustainability, it achieves an absolutely convincing eco-balance. The wallpaper manufacturer Marburg Tapeten also offers great products for all environmentally conscious people, as it fulfils the requirements relating to sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Erfurt wallpapers 

High-quality wallpapers produced according to strict ecological principles are the hallmark of this wallpaper manufacturer, which has been in existence since 1827. The paper and non-woven wallpapers for all rooms and all requirements are impressive. The Erfurt smooth non-woven, the Variovlies and the Klimatec wallpaper are also well-known. Whether smooth surfaces or various distinctive textures - Erfurt wallpapers offer many elegant and robust wallpapers with great textures and patterns. 

Marburg wallpapers 

As one of the oldest wallpaper manufacturers, Marburg Tapeten is now in its fifth generation of producing high-quality wallpapers. The company works closely with designers such as Colani and Glööckler and creates playful and graphic looks. The environmentally conscious wallpaper manufacturer's portfolio also includes child-friendly motifs for designing the walls of children's rooms. Their wallpapers are free from PVC, plasticisers and chlorine.

For your renovation projects, you can find other top wallpaper manufacturers in our shop, such as

  • AS Creation wallpapers
  • Rasch wallpapers
  • Esprit wallpapers
  • Erismann wallpaper
  • Livingwalls wallpaper
  • Grandeco wallpaper

AS Creation

AS Creation offers a wide range of different wallpapers in countless colours and design patterns. From unusual to simple designs, AS Creation offers a wide range of motifs. Whether elegant, simple or floral: in our wallpaper shop, we offer a wide range of AS Creation wallpapers for your walls.  

Rasch wallpapers & Erismann wallpapers: The traditional ones

The family-run Rasch wallpaper label is known for its bright colours and eye-catching concepts. Here you'll find great, sophisticated designer wallpapers. Do you like shiny ornaments, floral patterns and glitter effects? Then wallpapers from Rasch wallpapers are definitely a great inspiration for your renovation project. The manufacturer also produces numerous great wallpapers with a concrete look. With their unique designs, the wallpapers from Rasch Tapeten create a wonderful living atmosphere.

Erismann is one of the most traditional companies on the wallpaper market and has been producing wallpapers for 180 years. This is reflected in the quality and designs of its wallpapers. At Erismann, you will find German brand quality and beautiful wallpaper designs for every interior design taste. Browse through the collections of traditional manufacturers for inspiration. 

Discover wallpaper manufacturers and more at Fancyhometrends

Branded wallpapers are often particularly popular and offer many advantages. No matter which room you want to decorate, you will find a wide selection of wallpapers from the best and most renowned wallpaper manufacturers in our wallpaper shop. Simply browse through our range and be inspired by the different collections and styles of various designers for your wall design. Take advantage of our special service for your orders, such as

  • free shipping throughout Germany for wallpaper,
  • international shipping and
  • various payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).

You can also benefit from our FAQ section for all questions relating to renovation. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer support team. Order high-quality wallpaper for your renovation at Fancyhometrends now!