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    Kid's Room Wallpaper - Colourful, Cheerful and Playful

    We only want the best for our children - and the children's room plays a big role in this aspect. Children are the most valuable thing we have in our lives. They bring joy into our lives and make us feel complete, so only the best is good enough for them. As boys and girls should feel comfortable, play happily and fall asleep in peace in their bedrooms the room atmosphere is quintessential. Even in the teenage years, the children's room remains a permanent place of retreat, whose design therefore is crucial, so bring joy in the children's room with colorful wallpapers of well-known wallpaper manufacturers in various designs and always in high quality. 

    With the help of our versatile wallpapers, a room full of exotic jungle animals, cute teddy bears, cool pirates, magic fairies or famous Disney heroes will be created for children. In this category you will find everything! The child-friendly wallpapers and borders round off the furnishings and can be used in many ways. Soothing colours for nurseries, adventurous motifs in play areas for infinite imagination, a clear display of personal preferences even at a young age - long story short, the perfect kids room - our wallpapers make it possible!

    Actually, the only thing that applies to the children's room is to choose a nice motif, right? However, there are a few other things that should still be considered before the children's room is decorated. When choosing the right wallpaper, the age of your child decisive. For babies and toddlers we especially recommend simple and unagitated motifs or single-coloured wallpapers. They offer the perfect basis for a peaceful sleep and have a relaxing effect. Soft cloud patterns in light blue, delicate pastel pink or classic textured wallpapers in white or beige are always a good choice.

    As your children grow older they probably want to express their personality and preferences which can be done by the design of the kid's wallpaper or by wall decorations and wall paintings which you also find in our assortment. Classic Disney heroes like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell and her fairy friends, the Disney princesses or more recent stars like Anna and Elsa of Disney's Frozen, Rapunzel of Disney's Tangled, Dorie and Marlin of Finding Nemo, Lightning McQueen of Disney's Cars and Violetta. You also find animal paintings, city skylines and natural displays.