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    Bathroom wallpaper: transform your bathroom into a stylish oasis of well-being 

    Discover the ideal wallpaper for your bathroom at Fancyhometrends. From moisture-resistant non-woven wallpapers to impressive photo wallpapers - we offer you a diverse selection to transform your bathroom into an oasis of well-being. With a range of colours and patterns, you can design your bathroom walls exactly to your taste. Get advice from our experts and benefit from free shipping in Germany. 

    Redecorate your bathroom and create your own wellness oasis with Fancyhometrends! 

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    Which wallpaper is suitable for the bathroom?

    Certain types of wallpaper are particularly popular in damp rooms such as the bathroom. Vinyl wallpapers and non-woven wallpapers are at the top of the list here. However, glass fibre wallpapers are also a good solution for bathrooms. Just make sure that the wallpaper is

    • moisture-resistant and 
    • easy to clean 

    Our photo wallpapers also offer the option of personalised motifs and dreamlike landscapes directly on your wall - for a breathtaking bathroom experience. 

    Order your bathroom wallpaper and more and make your walls shine! 

    What should I bear in mind with bathroom wallpaper? 

    Moisture is the biggest enemy of bathroom wallpaper. It is therefore important to choose water-resistant wallpaper types such as glass fibre, vinyl or non-woven wallpaper. These materials 

    • resist water, 
    • are also easy to clean and 
    • durable.  

    Avoid paper or woodchip wallpaper in damp rooms, as they absorb moisture and can therefore encourage mould. When choosing your wallpaper, make sure that the colours and patterns visually enhance the room and create a harmonious overall look

    Discover our range now and find the perfect wallpaper for your bathroom! 

    Is non-woven wallpaper suitable for the bathroom? 

    Yes, if the wallpaper is characterised by at least good light and wash resistance, non-woven wallpapers are an excellentchoice for the bathroom. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. Their breathability prevents mould growth and the ease of application makes wallpapering a breeze. They also offer a wide variety of designs from great brands and designers, so you can let your creativity run wild. 

    Bring your walls to life with our bathroom wallpaper! 

    Bathrooms reimagined: wallpapers that enchant every room 

    There are no limits to your creativity when choosing bathroom wallpaper motifs. Soothing nature motifs are popular, such as 

    • gentle waves, 
    • idyllic beach landscapes or 
    • blooming flower gardens, 

    that create a relaxing atmosphere. Geometric patterns and abstract designs bring a modern aesthetic to the bathroom and can visually enlarge small rooms. Elegant ornaments or subtle colour gradients are suitable for a touch of luxury. Make sure that the motifs are moisture-resistant and harmonise with other elements such as tiles and bathroom fittings. 

    With the right choice, you can give your bathroom an individual and stylish character with our wallpapers! 

    Bathrooms reimagined: wallpapers that enchant every wall 

    At Fancyhometrends, you'll find everything you need for your dream bathroom. Our selection of bathroom wallpapers ranges from elegant non-woven wallpapers to creative photo wallpapers. We offer you 

    • an impressive variety of products
    • wallpaper samples and  
    • trained specialist staff who are always on hand to help and advise you. 

    Benefit from our excellent customer service, enjoy free shipping for wallpapers within Germany and choose the payment method that suits you best. You can also use our wallpaper guide to get the best tips and tricks for your bathroom. Immerse yourself in the world of bathroom wallpaper and redesign your walls!