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Fancyhometrends – your online shop for wallpapers, carpets, runners and home textiles

Fancyhometrends makes your home fancy and trendy! In this online-shop you will find suitable products for every room concept. From wallpapers and murals to rugs, runners as well as door mats, bathmats and curtains, the Fancyhometrends online-shop provides a huge quantity of high-quality and branded products which beautifies your home in cosy way. Order wallpapers online and cheap – Choose between non-woven wallpapers with lovely patterns, single-coloured wallpapers or beautiful wallpaper borders. Fancyhometrends offers a huge selection of new wallpaper designs for a less price. The online-shop of Fancyhometrends distributes a wide range of new wallpaper collections of German and international wallpaper manufacturer like Graham & Brown, Rasch or AS Creation. Furthermore, Fancyhometrends presents wallpaper-collections of well-known wallpaper brands such as Esprit Home, Harald Glööckler and Versace Home. From stylish baroque patterns to pretty flower designs and wallpapers with wooden-style – Fancyhometrends provides wallpapers for every furnishing style. Fancyhometrends offers comfortable rugs with shaggy piles, vintage style rugs and a huge selection of rugs which are designed by famous brands such as Schöner Wohnen, ASTRA and Sehrazat. In this online-shop you will find a wide range of runners and dirt treat mats in different sizes, designs and colour variations. Room decorations for every room concept – besides curtains, pillows and pillow cases, Fancyhometrends offers cheap murals and photo-wallpapers to finish your individual living space. A beautiful home at a low price – you can order current brand and quality products online and cheap. Fancyhometrends … makes your home fancy and trendy!