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Woodchip Wallpaper

24.09.2016 16:09

When Hugo Erfurt invented his woodchip wallpaper 150 years ago, he could not have imagined how popular it will become in the future. Today, Erfurt woodchip wallpapers can be found nearly anywhere. This is not surprising, since they feature outstanding material properties and can be utilised in many ways. Furthermore, they can be used in almost any environment. Woodchip wallpapers consist of multiple paper layers, these layers are incorporated with wood fibres.


Highly absorbent dirt barrier mats – to drive away the mucky weather

11.07.2016 09:55

Rain, wind, hail – As soon as the first rays of the sun try warm the earth they get blocked by the dense blanket of clouds that pour their rain upon us. Treacherous weather like this makes you want to stay at home. And as if the foul weather was not enough, dirt and moisture do not stay outside. They make their way into your living space. In situations like this one question arises:


The Appropriate Wallpapering Tools for DIY Enthusiasts

15.06.2016 16:33

White walls are boring, cold and make you feel off-colour. So, what can be done to liven up those drab walls? Usually, there are two options: Painting and wallpapering. Wallpapering, however, is often considered time-consuming and inconvenient. So the question emerges how to motivate your tired DIY-Self to paper the cold and barren walls.