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    Satin wallpaper - noble shine for your walls  

    Satin is known for its particularly gentle, soft and pleasant feel on the skin as well as its noble shiny surface. The material is therefore particularly popular for luxurious bed linen. But you can also use this royal material on your walls and give your room an elegant atmosphere. With an intriguing pattern, you can also set appealing design accents. Order your new satin wallpaper now!  

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    Satin wallpaper - a noble sheen for your walls

    In the past, satin was made exclusively from expensive silk and originally came from ancient China. The material reached Europe via the famous Silk Road and has since adorned the walls and furniture of many royal houses, including the magnificent Palace of Versailles. Today, the fabric is much more accessible and, above all, cheaper, but it still has the same noble reputation. Satin shines like hardly any other fabric and shimmers when exposed to light.  

    Our satin wallpapers are made of either paper or non-woven backing onto which a special plastic layer is poured. This is followed by a hot forming process, the so-called gloss embossing. This gives satin wallpapers, in addition to their unmistakable sheen, outstanding properties:  

    • a high resistance to washing or abrasion,  
    • special durability and 
    • long-lasting colour fastness.  

    Your new satin wallpaper will stay with you for a long time, so you can enjoy your timeless design for many years to come. Order your fashionable satin wallpaper now!

    Large variety of satin wallpapers and more at FancyHomeTrends.com

    With us you can find your matching satin wallpaper by filtering by colour and by design to choose your desired wallpaper. We have wallpapers in royal red or gold tones, soft white tones and many other colour variations. When it comes to the design of satin wallpapers, baroque and ornaments are particularly in vogue, with which you can bring a piece of Versailles to your walls. We also offer satin wallpapers with floral patterns, stripes and plain colours.  

    As a leading retailer for wallpapers in Europe, you can choose from a wide range of products with different characteristics. Among other things, you will also find  

    Easy ordering and fast delivery of your satin wallpaper  

    Choosing your wallpaper is easy with our practical wallpaper guide. If you have not yet decided on a wallpaper, you can first request a wallpaper sample, which costs you nothing apart from the service fee of 2.01 euros. Once you have decided on one of our wallpapers, you can rely on the following service:  

    • free nationwide shipping for wallpapers,  
    • the possibility of international shipping and  
    • a variety of payment options, including PayPal, bank transfer and credit card.  

    If you still have questions, please take a look at our FAQ or contact us via our contact form. With a new wallpaper, you can change the atmosphere of your room in one fell swoop. Order your satin wallpaper now!