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The signature of a style icon - Guido Maria Kretschmer wallpaper from the new collection

The likeable star designer is highly regarded everywhere for his honest and likeable demeanour. His wallpaper collections are inspired by various influences from all over the world or from his own garden. With loving designs and harmonious colours, the wallpapers create an impressive room effect. True to the motto "Fashion for Walls", his wallpapers wrap walls in a new, exciting guise. Decorate your walls in the style of fashion icon Kretschmer. Order Guido Maria Kretschmer wallpapers from the new collection now!

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Attention to detail - Guido Maria Kretschmer wallpaper from the new collection

Guido Maria Kretschmer (GMK), who grew up in Münster, was discovered on Mallorca when he was selling clothes he had designed himself at a small market. Today, his fashion style is popular everywhere, even famous Hollywood actors wear his art. Since 2016, Kretschmer has also been designing wallpapers in a wide variety of styles, including

  • floral motifs and
  • glitter wallpapers or
  • shiny metallic wallpapers

Floral wallpaper in particular is a major theme in Guido's wallpaper world: leaves, flowers, tendrils - whether in a watercolour style like hand-painted or tropical ferns that bring the rainforest into your four walls. With these wallpapers, cosiness is pre-programmed and the design invites you to linger. In natural or pastel colours such as green, grey, brown or in combination with glossy accents, the wallcoverings create an unbeatable room effect. Handwriting and attention to detail can be recognised on every single Guido Maria Kretschmer wallpaper. Let your imagination run wild and create your home just the way you like it with the wonderful high-quality non-woven wallpapers from Guido. Order Guido Maria Kretschmer wallpaper from the new collection now! 

Star designer at Fancyhometrends - Guido Maria Kretschmer wallpaper from the new collection and more

Do you want your new wallpaper to leave a lasting impression? Just like Guido Maria, each of our fashion designers has an individual and distinctive style that stands out from the crowd. Each designer wallpaper reflects the signature style of one of the many fashion designers whose wallpaper you can have conveniently delivered to your home. Got curious? Browse through our wallpaper collections and discover wallpapers by:

With more than 1300 wallpapers from a wide range of designers, you will undoubtedly find the wallpaper that suits your taste. With our diverse selection of wallpapers, you can create a completely new mood for your rooms. Whether it's unusual non-woven wallpaper with 3D effects, practical woodchip wallpaper or elegant satin wallpaper - we have the right wallpaper for you. Unleash your creativity and order a Guido Maria Kretschmar wallpaper from the new collection now, as well as many other wallpapers from exceptional designers!

Your service when ordering Guido Maria Kretschmar wallpapers from the new collection

Complete your interior design style with our wallpapers and order a wallpaper that harmonises perfectly with your furniture and decorations. You can choose from over 15 thousand wallpapers in our online shop. So that you can decide in your own home whether a wallpaper really suits you, you have the option of ordering a wallpaper sample from us. You only pay our small service fee. Have you decided on a new wallpaper? We want to make your shopping experience easier. With us you benefit with every order from:

  • various payment options such as purchase on account, PayPal or an order by direct debit as well as
  • free shipping within Germany for wallpapers and
  • regular top sales for wallpapers

Look forward to a new wallpaper with which you can uniquely redesign your living area. Order Guido Maria Kretschmer wallpaper from the new "Fashion for Walls" collection now!