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Floor coverings - variety for your home

Flooring is the foundation of every room. They determine the atmosphere and contribute significantly to the feeling of living. At Fancyhometrends, you'll find a comprehensive selection of carpet tiles and artificial turf carpets to beautify the floors of your home. Whether you're looking for new flooring for your living room or bedroom, we have the perfect floor for every room. Discover the extensive range of different flooring options for your needs here at Fancyhometrends!

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Floor coverings for more comfort from Fancyhometrends

Choosing the right flooring is crucial to adding character and comfort to your home. Carpet tiles offer unrivalled comfort and warmth underfoot and improve room acoustics. This makes them perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. If you are looking for a robust and easy-to-clean material or want a floor covering that combines cosiness and style, discover our carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles and their advantages

Carpet tiles are a particular favourite in our range. A design floor made of carpet tiles is easy to handle, easy to maintain and can be replaced quickly and effortlessly if necessary. That's exactly what carpet tiles are all about. They are small, square coverings that you can lay on your floor as you wish. Carpet tiles offer an attractive alternative to traditional floor coverings such as carpet, PVC, vinyl flooring, tiles or a wooden design floor. One of the main advantages is their versatility in terms of design and surface. In contrast to a continuous vinyl floor or wooden planks, carpet tiles can be combined as top coverings in different patterns and colours. This enables a customised design that perfectly matches any room aesthetic. In addition, the surface of carpet tiles is pleasantly soft and sound-absorbing, a contrast to hard materials such as tiles or a wooden design floor. Compared to conventional floorboards or vinyl flooring, carpet tiles are also easier to install and easier to replace if damaged than a complete vinyl or laminate floor covering. They offer the following additional advantages, which make them a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces:

  • Design flexibility: With carpet tiles, you can create individual patterns and colour combinations, allowing for a personal and unique room design.
  • Easy installation: Carpet tiles are easy to install and require less subfloor preparation compared to traditional carpeting.
  • Easy to clean: Carpet tiles are generally easy to clean. Stains can often be treated locally without major cleaning operations.
  • Cost-effective: They can be a cost-effective option, especially when it comes to replacing or customising only certain areas.
  • Durable: Many carpet tiles are designed for commercial use and are therefore particularly hardwearing and durable.
  • Eco-friendly: Some carpet tiles are made from recycled materials, making them a more environmentally friendly flooring option.

Ease of maintenance and robustness are important characteristics, especially for households with children or pets. Impact sound insulation is recommended for pleasant room acoustics. Carpet tiles are great floor coverings that can be laid quickly and easily, just like vinyl or laminate.

Floor coverings for different rooms 

Every room places different demands on the floor covering. It makes a big difference whether you are laying a new floor for the kitchen or for a bedroom or balcony.

Living room and bedroom 

In this room, where comfort and aesthetics play a major role, warm and cosy coveringsare ideal. Carpet tiles combine various properties for this purpose. They provide warmth and comfort and improve room acoustics. The choice of colours and patterns allows you to lay the floor according to your personal style. The great thing is that they are available in different designs, such as a concrete look or even a wood look. This imitates the look of parquet or laminate flooring, but also offers more cosiness and comfort.


Weatherproof and non-slip flooring is particularly important for outdoor areas. Special outdoor carpets and artificial turf, for example, are ideal here. Their materials are resistant to rain and sunlight and offer slip resistance, making them an ideal choice for the balcony.

Laying artificial turf and carpet tiles - how it works

Want to bring a piece of nature into your home? Then artificial turf might be just the thing for you. Artificial turf is a fantastic choice for your balcony, patio or even indoors. Imagine being able to walk barefoot through the grass without having to leave the house. Our artificial grass is soft, easy to maintain and looks deceptively real.

Laying artificial turf and carpet tiles is easier than you might think. Our products are designed so that they can also be laid by non-professionals without any problems. Of course, we are on hand to provide you with help and advice. In addition to first-class products, you will also receive professional adviceand support with all questions relating to the installation of your new design floor. Buy your new flooring now and benefit from our professional advice!

Buy cheap, high-quality flooring from Fancyhometrends

At Fancyhometrends you will find a large selection of floor coverings from renowned manufacturers. With us, the customer always comes first. Our customer service is always ready to answer all your questions and help you choose your new flooring. Looking for more ideas for your floor? Then take a look at our:

With Fancyhometrends, you can personalise the design floor of your living space in style without having to dig deep into your pockets. Benefit from our attractive service when ordering online, such as

  • Wallpaper samples: Order individual samples of your favourites. 
  • High quality: Enjoy durable and robust quality. 
  • Free shipping on wallpaper: Benefit from our free shipping for wallpapers within Germany. 
  • Secure payment options: Choose from various payment methods.

Take advantage of our first-classcustomer service and find everything you need for your flooring project - from selection to delivery. Order new floor coverings now at Fancyhometrends!