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Grandeco wallpapers - impressive wall designs for exceptional living

Grandeco offers high-quality wallpapers in unusual designs and pleasant colours. From photorealistic wallpaper to elegant vintage motifs, the Belgian wallpaper manufacturer has the right wallpaper for every taste. The non-woven wallpapers create a unique sense of space and contribute to a cosy and exciting ambience. Be inspired by the classic and modern wallpaper designs and create a home that inspires with great room effects. Discover the right Grandeco wallpapers for your wonderful home at billigerluxus.de!

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Grandeco wallpapers: with attention to detail

Grandeco wallpapers are an excellent choice for elegant and unusual wall decorations. Grandeco wallpapers score with the following features such as:

  • durability
  • easy to apply 
  • a wide variety of designs and colours

Want to find the perfect wallpaper for your home? Then let yourself be inspired by the fantastic wallpaper collections from Grandeco. Their wall decorations are a fantastic way to add a personalised touch to your living space. By choosing the right wallpaper, you can make your rooms individual, stylish and functional at the same time.

World market leader in wall decoration

The Belgian Grandeco Wallfashion Group is one of the largest wallpaper manufacturers in the world. In Tielt, Belgium, the brand produces both its own collections and wallpaper designs for private brands. The company inspires people around the world with innovative wallpaper collections by picking up on trends and combining them with unusual motifs. In addition to the high quality of the materials, the greatest speciality of their products is their durability and freedom from harmful substances. Thanks to the modern premium materials from which they are made, the non-woven wallpapers are extremely durable and resistant to abrasion and scratches. They will last a long time and give you many years of pleasure.

Grandeco wallpapers also fulfil the strictest European quality standards. They can be used in all rooms, whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, children's room or bathroom. Attention to detail is paid at every stage of production and contributes to the fact that the wallpapers from the top Belgian brand are visually and functionally convincing across the board.

Buy wallpapers from Grandeco and other well-known wallpaper manufacturers at Fancyhometrends

Grandeco wallpapers ensure that all your renovation projects are a success. This is because the high quality of the materials is taken into account when manufacturing the collections. At Fancyhometrends, everything revolves around the perfect wall design. Order a sample of your favourite wallpaper in advance. This will ensure that you choose the perfect wallpaper. Discover our diverse selection of wallpapers in all colours. In addition to Grandeco, you can choose from many other well-known manufacturers, such as

Take advantage of other attractive benefits when ordering from our online shop, including:

Browse through our FAQ & help section. We have summarised many answers on various topics there. You can also find various accessories and contact our dedicated customer support team. Buy great wallpapers from Grandeco at Fancyhometrends now!