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    Stylish wallpaper for the party room - clubbing at home

    Any room can become a party room, you just need the right decorations. There is a wide range of different wallpapers available for designing a sensational party location, from retro style to trendy or graphic patterns: there are virtually no limits to your imagination. Browse our extensive range for great ideas for your party venue and discover the best wallpapers for your renovation project at billigerluxus.de!

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    Wallpaper for a cool party room - party mood with your favourite motif

    Party room wallpaper is a great thing, because you can use it to give any room a matching party look. Numerous themed designs are possible, depending on which room character you want to create. For inspiration for various design themes and motifs, you can take your cue from music styles and think about which wall decor best suits them. The following styles are directly associated with a certain room ambience, such as

    • Clubbing
    • dancefloor
    • electro
    • pop music

    With the clubbing theme, many people associate a lounge feeling with retro furniture and the corresponding wall designs. Relaxation, small talk and chilling out are simply great in this ambience. Suitable retro wallpaper patterns for this style are

    • large circles
    • diamonds
    • waves
    • triangles

    But you can also pick up on the classic 80s/90s disco vibes by choosing design wallpapers with bright 80s colours. Combinations from the extended colour palette of purple, pink, yellow and green are perfect for this. For more ideas, browse our shop.

    Wallpaper material and preparations

    A dimensionally stable wallpaper with an easy-to-clean surface is generally the best choice. Non-woven wallpapers are more suitable for party rooms than paper wallpapers. You can choose a classic non-woven wallpaper or a robust and washable vinyl wallpaper. Wash-resistant wallpaper is easy to clean. They ensure that everyone in the party room can relax and party.

    Depending on where the party room is located, you should pay attention to the following things before wallpapering your new wallpaper:

  • Checking the surface
  • Preparing the wall
  • Some walls, especially in basements, are only roughly plastered. If you want to wallpaper a photo wallpaper, it is necessary to smooth and pre-treat the walls first. This will ensure that the wallpaper can adhere perfectly. This is because wallpaper requires a smooth, stable and clean surface.

    Great wallpapers for the party room and more from billigerluxus.de

    Wallpapers are fantastic for the wall design of party locations. Whether photo wallpapers or other self-adhesive wallpapers, non-woven or vinyl wallpapers: With great colours and designs on the walls, the party can get started. In our wallpaper shop, you'll find a huge selection of ingenious designs as well as matching accessories such as paste and more for easy application of your wallpaper. You can also find wallpapers for other rooms in your home in our shop, such as

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    Benefit from our FAQ, where you can get lots of good tips and tricks on the subject of wall renovation and use our dedicated customer support if you have any further questions. Order matching wallpaper for the party room at billigerluxus.de now!