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    Woodchip & Non-woven woodchip wallpapers

    Woodchip & Non-woven woodchip wallpapers are considered to be the most popular solution for interiors and are among the most popular wallpapers in Germany, but no wonder, because the wallpapers give every room the right ambience. No matter if fine elegance, a businesslike look or a rustic look, the wallpapers fit perfectly and individually. In addition, woodchip & fleece woodchip wallpapers can be painted over again and again. This makes the wallpapers wonderfully timeless and ensures a long-lasting use. With its applicability in almost every room, woodchip wallpaper is a real all-rounder and is therefore often used for renovations. Who has decided for ingrain wallpaper can choose between coarse and fine patterned wallpapers

    Woodchip wallpapers

    The wallpapers are made of paper and wood fibres and impress by their changeability and the different possible uses. There are no limits for creative ides and the wall design can be adapted to every taste. Wallpapering is also child's play and always succeeds. Further advantages of woodchip wallpapers are that they are environmentally friendly and healthy to live in, and free of PVC and softeners. They are also suitable for allergy sufferers and are breathable and moisture-regulating.


    In our assortment we offer wallpapers of the collections Classico, Avantgarde and Sprint.

    Non-woven woodchip wallpapers

    The non-woven woodchip wallpapers are practically as functional as non-woven wallpapers, but so beautiful in the look of a woodchip wallpaper. The non-woven woodchip wallpapers also consist of paper and wood fibres, but another component are additional textile fibres. With the help of the wall-pasting technique, these wallpapers can also easily be wallpapered on the wall and painted over several times. They are also free of PVC and plasticizers and are environmentally friendly and healthy to live in, making them suitable for allergy sufferers. Further plus points of the fleece raw fiber wallpaper are that these are considered to be crack-bridging and hard-wearing and therefore are an optimal wall solution.


    In our assortment we offer wallpapers of the collections Classico, Viva, Elegance, Romantic and Rustic.

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