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    Woodchip wallpaper and non-woven woodchip wallpaper - the all-rounders

    Woodchip and non-woven woodchip wallpapers are considered the most popular wall covering in Germany, measured by sales figures. No wonder, because the wallpapers give every room the right ambience. No matter if you prefer a fine elegance, a businesslike look or a rustic look, the wallpapers fit perfectly and individually because you can paint over them. Get the timeless look on your walls. Buy new woodchip wallpaper now!

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    Pollutant-free and environmentally friendly woodchip wallpaper

    The wallpapers are made of paper and wood fibres and impress with their changeability and the different possibilities of use. There are no limits to creative ideas and the wall design can be adapted to any taste. Wallpapering is also child's play and always a success. Convince yourself with woodchip wallpaper from Erfurt. The other advantages of woodchip wallpaper at a glance:

    • Gentle on the environment
    • Free from harmful softeners and PVC
    • hypoallergenic: ideal for allergy sufferers
    • a high degree of breathability and moisture regulation
    • can be painted over several times

    We offer woodchip wallpapers with either a coarse or fine-patterned grain on the top layer of paper. Order woodchip wallpaper now!

    Non-woven woodchip wallpaper - the alternative to woodchip wallpaper

    Non-woven woodchip wallpaper is conveniently as functional as robust non-woven wallpaper, yet similarly minimalist in aesthetics as woodchip wallpaper. Non-woven woodchip wallpapers also consist of paper and wood fibres, but additional textile fibres are another component. With the help of the adhesive wall technique, these wallpapers can also be easily wallpapered and you can simply paint over them. Among other things, you will find wallpapers from the Classico or Elegance collections from Erfurt. Non-woven woodchip wallpaper has a number of advantageous properties, including:

    • (as with woodchip wallpaper) environmental friendliness and freedom from harmful substances
    • as non-woven wallpaper, special durability and crack-bridging properties as well as
    • particularly easy to apply

    We provide you with your ideal wall solution. Order woodchip wallpaper or non-woven woodchip wallpaper now!

    Woodchip wallpaper and many more trendy wallpapers at FancyHomeTrends.com

    You want to change the style of your entire home? As one of the leading retailers for wallpaper in Europe, we offer you over 15,000 different wallpapers so that you can achieve the look you want for your walls. In addition to our popular woodchip wallpapers, we also offer you many other fashionable wallpaper types, such as:

    Before you decide to buy, we would be happy to advise you and you can take a look at our FAQ or contact us via our contact form. Get the upgrade for your walls. Order your new woodchip wallpaper now!