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    Paintable wallpaper - more freedom for change

    Paintable wallpapers are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to change their living space quickly and easily. With these great wall coverings, you can give your home a new, fresh look in no time at all without having to go to the trouble of re-papering. Let your creativity run wild and create a new atmosphere in your home in no time at all. Give your rooms a great upgrade with a new colour and discover our wide range of paintable wallpapers at billigerluxus!

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    Paintable wallpaper for elegant interior design

    Would you like to give your walls a new look and need paintable wallpaper? Then browse through our large range for these fantastic paper and non-woven wallpapers for a customised and versatile design for your own four walls. The great thing about wallpaper made from high-quality non-woven fabric is that you get a robust wallpaper that you can paint with your own colour again and again. With paintable non-woven wallpapers, you even have the option of creating different surface textures, such as:

    • raised surfaces
    • embossed surfaces
    • smooth textures
    • Wallpapers with a 3D effect

    How does the 3D effect work? The 3D structure of the wallpaper is first emphasised by the paint, as if by magic. The surfaces absorb the colours to varying degrees and this creates the wonderful 3D effects, as the colour adheres less to the raised structures than to the deeper ones.

    Further advantages of paintable wallpaper

    Whether you opt for an intense red, a soft grey or a sophisticated blue: With paintable wallpaper, you can redesign your rooms in line with the latest home trends at any time. Paintable wallpaper is therefore the ideal solution for anyone who wants a quick and easy change without having to commit to a specific colour in advance. Paintable wallpaper also has other impressive advantages:

    • they are durable and robust
    • their surfaces are easy to clean
    • they are available in many patterns and textures
    • they can be coloured using various application techniques (e.g. sponge technique)

    Shop our high quality wallpapers and secure particularly durable wallpapers to paint over at Fancyhometrends!

    Buy paintable wallpaper and more at Fancyhometrends.com

    Choose a premium paintable wallpaper from Fancyhometrends and give your home a great new look. The high-quality non-woven wallpapers can also be perfectly combined with other wallpaper types and styles, such as:

    But photo wallpapers can also be perfectly complemented with paintable non-woven wallpapers. This is why the all-rounder wallpapers are very popular and the perfect choice for all renovation projects. Order conveniently in our online shop and take advantage of the great benefits, such as

    • a practical wallpaper guide
    • free shipping for wallpapers within Germany
    • various payment options (bank transfer, PayPal, credit card).

    Do you still have questions about individual products or specific wallpapers? Then browse through our FAQ & help section or contact our friendly customer support team. Also discover our premium accessories such as paste for particularly easy application of your wall coverings. Design your home in cosy colours and order paintable wallpaper in high quality at Fancyhometrends.com!