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Door Mats & Dirt Barrier Mats 56 Items
Door Mats & Dirt Barrier Mats / 56 Items
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Doormats and dust control mats for your home  

A dust control mat or clean-off mat is more than just a doormat. It is an indispensable element that protects your floor from dirt and moisture. Our dust control mats and doormats are available in different colours and sizes to enrich and enliven your space. Most doormats are usually non-slip and there are lots of great designs and sayings to suit your interior. Doormats don't have to be boring and can be perfectly customised to suit you. They are also extremely durable and retain their attractive appearance even after prolonged use. Browse our versatile selection of top-quality dust control mats and kitchen rugs now!

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Which material is best for your new doormat or dust control mat?

We know that the material of a mat can make a big difference. That's why we offer doormats and kitchen rugs made from high-quality materials that effectively absorb dirt and moisture. Whether you're looking for a robust outdoor doormat or soft kitchen rugs, we have the perfect solution for you. With their non-slip surface, they offer safety and comfort in any situation. They are the perfect addition to any entrance area or kitchen.

Did you already know? We have many doormats and kitchen rugs in our range that are washable. Look at the product description for the items and you will find the note for "machine washable." Take a look at our wide range of doormat materials and find the perfect one for you!

How big should a doormat be?

Size matters, especially when it comes to doormats. Whether you're looking for a large mat for the entrance area or a smaller doormat for the kitchen, we have it all in our range. Our mats are available in different sizes so you can find the right one for your needs:

  • If you have a long, narrow hallway or kitchen, a long runner is particularly suitable as a dust control mat. Many of our mats are available by the metre, so you can easily choose the right size.
  • If your kitchen and entrance area are more square, a rectangular and smaller rug is a good choice to fulfil your requirements.
  • And if you're not sure which size to choose, we'll be happy to help you with our expert knowledge. A correctly sized doormat can make the difference between a clean, tidy space and a messy, dirty entrance.

Check the available sizes of our doormats and find the right size for your space!

How do I clean a doormat?

Cleaning your doormat or kitchen rug shouldn't be a stress factor. Most of our mats and dirt-trapping runners are easy to clean and retain their vibrant colours. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and keep your floor clean and smart. Some products are even machine washable. You can read these instructions in the product description of your favourite product and annoying cleaning of carpets is a thing of the past. Discover our easily washable doormats and enjoy a clean and stylish floor!

Durable doormats and dust control mats in great colours and designs

At Fancyhometrends, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we offer secure payment methods and an extensive, reasonably priced range. Do you have any questions or need support? Simply use our contact form and benefit from our expert knowledge.

We are constantly working to expand our range and offer new, innovative products that meet your requirements. With us, you get luxury at a low price. Visit us now and experience the difference. Buy your next doormat and dust control mat for your home at Fancyhometrends!