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    Feel-good atmosphere with stylish paper wallpaper

    Paper wallpapers are considered a classic among wallpapers. They have a good price-performance ratio, are particularly versatile thanks to different patterns and colours and are partly, depending on the paper, environmentally friendly. With a new paper wallpaper, you can give a previously colourless room a completely new atmosphere. With almost 400 different paper wallpapers, we have a wallpaper for every taste - whether minimalist or bohemian. Click through our shop and discover our cheap wallpapers also in sale at top prices. Order new paper wallpaper now!  

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    A feel-good atmosphere with stylish paper wallpaper

    With a stylish paper wallpaper to suit your taste, you can ideally round off your room design and impress your guests. Thanks to the 3D effect and the noticeable structure of the surface, certain wallpapers create a convincing depth effect on the wall, which is particularly effective for wallpapers in natural stone style. Thanks to our practical filter, you can filter our large selection of wallpapers by colour and thus limit your selection to elegant white tones or soft blue tones, for example. Wallpapering and pasting requires some skill, but the effort is manageable, especially with lightweight paper wallpapers. When wallpapering, however, make sure that you adhere to the specified soaking time, otherwise the wallpapering result will not be optimal. Furthermore, paper wallpaper should be removed wet. Paper wallpapers made from recycled paper are also more resource-friendly and sustainable. Paper wallpapers with the FSC® seal are also among the more sustainable options, as they use paper that comes from sustainably managed forests and forestry operations. The wash and light resistance of a paper wallpaper depends on its coating.

    Thanks to our wide selection, there is no limit to your imagination when it comes to choosing a design. With our different motifs, you can reflect your personality on the walls of your room. Here you will find a small selection of the different designs you can filter your dream wallpaper by. Among other things, you will find wallpapers with:  

    • rustic wood look, 
    • unusual natural look 
    • artful vintage look or  
    • plain plain optics. 

    Paper wallpapers and more at FancyHomeTrends.com 

    At one of Europes leading retailers for wallpapers, you can choose your desired wallpaper from over 15,000 wallpapers according to your needs. We offer the top brands in the wallpaper world at low prices, such as wallpapers by Guido-Maria-Kretschmer, Versace Wallpapers or A.S. Création. In addition to paper wallpapers, you will also find many other types of wallpaper in our shop such as:  

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    Our service when buying a paper wallpaper  

    We want you and your wallpaper of choice to find each other. With a large selection of different wallpaper manufacturers, it is not so easy to find the right wallpaper. To make your wallpaper purchase easier, we offer you the following service: 

    Once you have decided on a wallpaper, you can look forward to international shipping . Order your new paper wallpaper now!