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    Glamorous wallpaper for the hallway 

    When designing a flat or house, the hallway is usually the first areathat catches the eye. Give this room and therefore the first impression of your home a new look and browse through our wallpaper motifs. Create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in the hallway with beautiful paper, vinyl and non-woven wallpapers. In our online wallpaper shop, you'll find a wide selection of designer wallpapers that will transform your hallway into a glamorous entrance area. Discover suitable wallpapers for your hallway at billigerluxus.de now!

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    Wallpaper for the hallway - where living begins

    The entrance area is often a narrow and elongated room within a house or flat. It leads into the actual living area and is used to store wardrobes, shoes and other everyday items. Make more of your hallway and embellish your hallway and entrance area with beautiful motifs from exquisite designer wallpapers. This will create a radiant entrance ambience. 

    The following wallpapers are suitable for a small, possibly narrow hallway:

    • Wallpapers with bright colours
    • Wallpapers with gloss effects
    • Wallpapers with geometric and delicate patterns

    Light-coloured hallway wallpapers visually stretch the room, while darker shades make it appear smaller. However, if there are several sources of natural light, you can also choose less light colours. 

    For larger hallways, you can work with different wallpaper designs and different textures. For example, transform your hallway with an impressive photo wallpaper mural. Even a small wall area with a wardrobe or coat rack can be given a fantastic new look with wallpaper. To do this, take the dimensions of the wall surface and opt for a non-woven wallpaper using the paste the wall technique. Here, the paste is applied directly to the wall and you save yourself the hassle of manoeuvring a wallpapering table in a narrow hallway. The possibilities are endless and our large selection of motifs for the hallway will give you plenty of inspiration. You can also order a wallpaper sample in our shop. This will ensure that you make the right choice.

    Discover wallpaper for the hallway and more from Fancyhometrends

    Discover our wide selection of suitable wallpapers for your renovation project. In our online shop, you'll find non-woven and photo wallpapers as well as paper wallpapers and textile wallpapers. Textile wallpapers in particular impress in the hallway with their wonderful feel and exude a luxurious feeling. Discover our extensive range of stylish wallpapers for:

    Also discover our great wallpaper guide and the FAQ section. Here you can find out about the effects wallpaper has on a room and the best way to apply it. Benefit from our special service of free Germany-wide shipping for wallpapers and various payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card). If you have any questions about the renovation or individual products, use our dedicated customer support. Order high-quality wallpaper for the hallway at billigerluxus.de now!