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    Vinyl wallpapers - the chic all-rounders

    A small mishap in the kitchen and an unsightly stain remains on the new wallpaper for a long time. While most types of wallpaper are damaged when cleaning is attempted, vinyl wallpaper is washable thanks to its plastic surface, which means that stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth or a soft brush and soapy water. In addition to its outstanding functional properties, the vinyl wallpaper also convinces with its unique textured surface. Order vinyl wallpaper now at ideal prices!

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    Wallpapers to feel - vinyl wallpapers with depth effect.

    Vinyl wallpapers are available with smooth or a structured surface. Fine reliefs and textures in the wallpaper surface create a 3D effect with depth and envelops your room in a lively atmosphere. The wallpapers have either non-woven or paper backing. This is either laminated with a vinyl layer or liquid plastic is sprayed on, which creates a number of advantages:

    • foolproof maintenance: simply wipe off stains or smoke residue with a damp cloth, thanks to wash or scuff resistance, making it ideal for kitchens or bathrooms,
    • flame-retardant material and therefore safe for the kitchen,
    • high lightfastness and
    • easy removal of the wallpaper when dry.

    At billigerluxus.de you can choose from over 600 different vinyl wallpapers. So that you always have an overview, you can search our range with practical filters. Discover:

    • Vinyl wallpapers with different colours,
    • plain vinyl wallpapers,
    • wallpapers with creative patterns,
    • wallpapers with a wood look and
    • many more unique wallpaper styles.

    You will quickly find the right wallpaper for your home. Order your new vinyl wallpaper now!

    Vinyl wallpapers from renowned designers at Fancy Home Trends

    We work with the top companies in the wallpaper world so that you can enjoy a high-quality wallpaper for a long time. In our wide wallpaper portfolio you will find, among others, wallpapers from renowned manufacturers such as:

    You want to bring variety to your walls? With our different types of wallpaper, you'll find the ideal wallpaper for every purpose. Among other things, we offer you

    Make yourself at home and impress your guests with stylish interior design. Order vinyl wallpaper now!

    Your benefits when buying vinyl wallpaper at FancyHomeTrends.com

    Save yourself a trip to the store and simply order your new wallpaper online! With us, you can order a small piece of wallpaper as a wallpaper sample to take home and conveniently test whether your chosen wallpaper also harmonises with your interior design. Have you decided on a wallpaper? You can rely on the following advantages at FancyHomeTrends:

    • practical wallpaper guide with tips and tricks for gluing and wallpapering,
    • many regular sales,
    • different payment options such as PayPal, bank transfer or credit card as well as

    Overhaul your interior decor with chic yet robust wallpaper from FancyHomeTrends. Order your vinyl wallpaper now!