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    Wallpaper for living rooms: more choice for your individual style 

    The living room is a central living space where people like to socialise. So it's all the nicer when this room radiates a great atmosphere. The wall design is a crucial aspect that has a major impact on the overall effect of the room. Create your living room in your own style and find great wallpapers from well-known wallpaper manufacturers. Discover living room wallpapers in various designs and high quality at a favourable price at Fancyhometrends!

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    Wallpaper for the living room: soft colours and delicate geometric patterns on trend

    Interior design ideas for living rooms increasingly include the design of the walls. Instead of painting them, you can create great room designs with wallpaper, and wallpapering is an easy way to renovate. This form of interior design is particularly popular for living rooms and bedrooms. In recent years, matt and soft colours from nature have established themselves as trend colours. These include colours such as 

    • pastel grey 
    • shades of pink 
    • Beige and brown tones 

    Original wall design incorporates the room layout and furniture selection. Want to find a fantastic favourite wallpaper for a beautiful living room ambience? No problem. Discover beautiful wallpapers in our wide range:

    Living room wallpapers emphasise your personal style. Currently very popular: the trendy Japandi style. This combines aspects of Japanese living with Scandinavian living trends. The result: warm cosiness with reduced minimalism. Wallpapers with delicate geometric lines, abstract pencil lines or imaginative shades are suitable for this.

    What type of wallpaper is suitable for living room walls?

    Living room wallpapers accentuate the individual favourite style of your interior and choice of furniture. In theory, any type of wallpaper is suitable as a wall covering for a living room. Textile wallpapers have a different feel to non-woven wallpapers, paper wallpapers, photo wallpapers or vinyl wallpapers. You can choose between the different types depending on your preference for surface texture and pattern variety. Most manufacturers offer artistic designer wallpapers in all wallpaper types.

    Patterned wallpapers generally lend living rooms a flair of luxury and elegance. But a minimalist style can also find its way into your living space. For this, it is best to choose a patterned wallpaper with colours that consist of shades of a basic colour. For flats where the living room and kitchen merge into one another, stone patterns in all imaginable wallpaper colours are very popular. In combination with the matching decoration, they give the rooms a modern, timeless style. If you like expressive designs, ornaments as design patterns or photomurals are a good choice. Beautiful photo wallpapers transform the living room into a magical, blooming garden, for example, and put everyone in a good mood. Discover great floral collections from renowned wallpaper manufacturers for your renovation in our shop now!

    Wallpaper for living rooms and more at Fancyhometrends

    Are you really looking forward to your renovation, but still have a few questions? In our wallpaper shop, you'll find a huge selection of wallpapers and wallpaper types as well as our great wallpaper guide. Here you can find out interesting facts about the room effect of different wall designs. Discover wallpapers for other rooms in your home in our shop, for example for

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    Use our FAQ section for all questions about wallpapering and renovating. If you have any further questions, please contact our dedicated customer support team. Order high-quality wallpaper for your living room design at billigerluxus.de now!