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Wall paints & varnishes for the perfect painting 

When it comes to designing your rooms, choosing the right wall color is a decisive factor. You want to be able to bring more color into your home with affordable quality colors? Wall paints and varnishes are important not only for painting walls, but also for designing furniture and other objects. Whether you want to paint your walls or other things like metal, wood or tiles, we have a great selection of fantastic wall paints & varnishes for your renovation. Discover the best colours on Fancyhometrends in our online shop!

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Wall paints & varnishes: bring more colour into your life

Choosing the right wall paint and varnish is of great importance, as paints have a strong effect on us. Warm colours like red, orange or beige can create a cosy atmosphere in your home, while cool colours give your rooms a modern look. In addition, the ideal color choice can make a room appear larger or smaller. However, it is not only the choice of colour itself that is important, but also the quality of the colours and varnishes used. High-quality products ensure better coverage on different surfaces. In addition, the colour intensity of the paints and their longer durability are convincing. Our products are of the highest quality so that you can enjoy your renovated walls or objects for a long time. Browse through our wide range and find the perfect lacquers and wall paints at Fancyhometrends!

Wall paints: ideas for home accents

One way to add accents with wall paints and varnishes is to use colors that harmonize well with the furnishing style. There are many different colours and shades that you can use with almost any style, such as:

  • White Wall Color: White is timeless as a color and suits any interior. It makes the room appear larger and brighter and can be combined with coloured accents.
  • Beige Wall Color: A beige wall color is considered a warm and cozy colour that gives every room a relaxing and noble living flair. It can be combined with other earthy tones or stronger colours.
  • Grey Wall Color: This popular wall colour gives rooms a modern and elegant touch. It can also be wonderfully combined with bright colours or pastel tones.

Especially for modern and minimalist furnishing styles, bright, neutral colours are a good choice to create a soothing yet quiet atmosphere. In contrast, warm, muted colours such as brown, green or terracotta go very well with the country style to create a cosy atmosphere. Another way to add accents with wall paints and varnishes is to combine different colors. For example, a wall in a bright red can be combined with a white or beige-coloured wall. This combination gives the room a lively atmosphere and creates a harmonious overall impression.

Buy Professional Wall Paints & Lacquers and more at Fancyhometrends

Wall paints are a nice addition or alternative to wallpaper and can make your interior appear brand new. Our paints for indoor and outdoor use from selected brand manufacturers are convincing in addition to their high opacity and high durability. Choose between dispersion colors, latex colors, interior and exterior colors and design your home with our quality products. With your order in our online shop you will benefit from many advantages, such as:

  • free shipping for wallpapers within Germany and 
  • convenient payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card) and 
  • a practical wallpaper guide

You still have questions about our paints and varnishes? Then contact our customer support and learn about the renovation in the FAQ & Help area. Let your walls shine new and buy great quality paints at affordable prices at Fancyhometrends!