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Erfurt wallpapers - quality you can see

High-quality woodchip wallpapers of exceptional quality are the hallmark of the wallpaper manufacturer Erfurt Tapeten. They are produced according to ecological principles and impress with their durability and beautiful appearance. Whether you prefer fine surfaces or coarser textures, you'll find the right wallcovering from Erfurt wallpapers for your renovation project at favourable prices in our online shop. Discover the high-quality textured wallpapers from Erfurt Tapeten and more at billigerluxus.de!

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Erfurt wallpapers: getting it right from the ground up

Erfurt Tapeten is the European market leader for wallpapers with a woodchip texture. They offer a wide range of paper and non-woven wallpapers for every requirement. The woodchip wallpapers are available as:  

  • Smooth non-woven
  • Variovlies
  • Klimatec wallpapers

Smooth non-woven wallpaper is very often used for wall decoration. It is the ideal alternative to plastered walls, as it offers much more cosiness for the occupants. In addition, the wall can easily be returned to its original state if necessary, as the smooth non-woven wall covering can simply be removed. Smooth non-woven wallpaper has a crack-covering effect, is PVC and glass fibre-free and therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. In addition, the wallpaper, which can be painted over several times, has a natural and elegant paper fibre look. 

Variovlies wallpapers are an ideal surface for the application of colour and wall techniques. The environmentally friendly cellulose nonwoven is made from resource-saving materials and contributes to a healthier living environment. The German brand product from the Erfurt-based wallpaper manufacturer is easy to apply using the paste-the-wall technique and can be easily removed from the wall again if required.

Klimatec wallpaper from Erfurt is an impressive interior wall insulation. It forms a reflective separating layer between the masonry and the room air. Thanks to its reflective properties, the time it takes to heat a room can be shortened, thus reducing heating costs. In addition, the fleece is breathable and ensures improved mould prevention.

Modern textured wallpaper from the experts

For over 100 years, the professional supplier has been an expert in woodchip wallpaper with wallpapers for the discerning. From non-woven wallpapers and retro wallpapers to photo wallpapers and children's wallpapers, Erfurt Tapeten offers a large portfolio of first-class ecological wallpapers for modern home design. The non-woven insulating wallpapers are particularly popular for energy-efficient refurbishments.

Buy Erfurt wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

Find your favourite wallpaper in our shop and get everything you need for your interior design project. You can also use our wallpaper guide. It provides advice on the room effects of the respective wallpaper types and motifs. In addition to woodchip wallpaper from Erfurt Tapeten, you can also discover many other wallpaper manufacturers, such as:

Conjure up new splendour on your walls with high-quality wallpaper and simply redesign your home. In addition to woodchip wallpaper, you can also use vinyl wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper as well as our high-quality wallpapering accessories. You can also benefit from the advantages of our online shop, such as

  • regular offers,
  • free shipping for wallpapers (within Germany), 
  • various payment options such as PayPal, bank transfer or credit card.

Be inspired by the great wallpapers in our shop and find new ideas for your walls. Discover trendy wallpapers that emphasise your style and transform your rooms into cosy and expressive living spaces. Trust one of Europes largest wallpaper mail order companies and order your Erfurt wallpaper and other wall decor at Fancyhometrends!