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Wallpaper for all rooms - wall design for creative interior design

Do you want to create a beautiful room effect with a customised wall design? As every room has its own function and different basic requirements, good planning is the be-all and end-all. We can provide you with the best ideas and products for your wall upgrades. Regardless of whether wallpaper or wall colours are suitable for your renovation project: Here in the online shop, you'll find plenty of inspiration and lots of affordable, top-quality products. Discover the best wallpapers and paints for your wall design at Fancyhometrends!

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Wallpaper for various rooms: trends and tricks for wall design

Every home has different basic conditions in terms of room layout and lighting conditions. Structural features such as angled corners, high ceilings or wall projections should be taken into account when furnishing, as the choice of wall design is often based on these. In large rooms, for example, it is exciting to work with large photo wallpapers. These look best when the wall can be viewed from a distance of around 1 - 2 metres.  

Once you have decided on a wallpaper, you are often faced with the question of which colours and motifs are best suited to the individual rooms. It is important that the wallpaper motif matches the chosen room and the mood you want to create. Because wallpapering is so easy, you can give your rooms a completely new look in just a few simple steps - the motifs range from geometric designs to retro wallpaper to modern and unusual patterns.

Very trendy for the kitchen: concrete look. Numerous types of wallpaper imitate this look and give your kitchen space a great, timeless industrial chic. Marble looks and geometric patterns are in demand for hallway walls and there are colourful motifs for children's rooms that radiate good humour. Discover matching wallpapers for in our large range:

Style breaks are currently very popular. They create an intense spatial effect. You can combine the style of the existing furniture with a contrasting wall decor. Exclusive material structures, finishes and embossing create unique effects. If you have plain furniture, for example, you can arrange it in front of exotic wallpaper patterns and create a successful break in style. Matt and calming colours are just as suitable for bedrooms as individual brand wallpapers from collections by renowned designers, which convey a particularly luxurious flair.  

Dreaming there and back: discover great wallpaper designs from Fancyhometrends

It's always the season for a change of wallpaper, no matter which room in your home. You'll find a wide selection of wallpapers and wallpaper types in our wallpaper shop. Simply browse through our range and be inspired by the different collections and styles of the various designers. Take advantage of our special service for your orders, such as 

  • free shipping throughout Germany for wallpapers,
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  • various payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).

You can also benefit from our FAQ section for all questions relating to renovation. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer support team. Order high-quality wallpaper for your renovation at billigerluxus.de now!