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    Photo wallpapers and murals for all living spaces

    Photographic wallpapers in various designsSome of us are experiencing a revival, others are rediscovering it for themselves - the photo wallpaper is back, but not just since yesterday. Actually, it was never gone, just somewhat discredited - but completely unfounded. Of course we remember the questionable wall and door hangings of the 70s with their endless sandy beaches and ever-blossoming forest landscapes. Photo wallpapers offer great possibilities to effectively stage small as well as large rooms and to create an atmosphere that evokes enthusiasm.

    But first of all, let's get it all started: What is photo wallpaper anyway? Where is the difference to other wall decorations? And what has to be considered when buying photo wallpaper?

    What are photo wallpapers?

    At this point many will ask themselves whether the term photo wallpaper is not self-explanatory. To take it briefly: Yes and no. In fact, photographic wallpaper is large wallpaper with photo-realistic or graphic motifs, which are put together of individual strips on the wall to form an overall picture. The difference to XXL posters, wall pictures and wall tattoos is that photo wallpapers create a special spatial effect and motifs can be adapted to the size and texture of the wall. However, not every photo wallpaper is the same. Because as with conventional wallpaper, there are quality differences in production and processing.

    Process photo wallpaper correctly

    At last! The suitable photo wallpaper is found, unpacked and unrolled. But how is the photo wallpaper attached to the wall, so that it does not detach itself directly from the wall again or throw unsightly folds and bubbles? Decisive for the processing is whether the photo wallpaper consists of paper or has a non-woven underground. Paper photo wallpapers are processed by the web gluing technique and non-woven photo wallpapers by the wall gluing technique. With the web gluing technique, the respective section of the photo wallpaper is pasted with a special paste.  This paste does not contain any dispersion components and prevents heavy stains on the wall. Before the photo wallpaper section can be fixed to the wall, the pasted photo wallpaper should soak for approx. 5-10 minutes so that no undesirable bubbles or folds appear on the wall after drying. With the wall gluing technology, you do not paste the photo wallpaper, but the wall is pasted with a non-woven paste. This paste is spray-resistant and does not dry too quickly, so that the strip of photo wallpaper can still be aligned after application. This makes it particularly easy to apply the photo wallpaper and achieve a perfect result.

    Create rooms with photo wallpaper

    As already mentioned at the beginning, photo wallpapers can work wonders in interior design. Particularly small rooms can benefit from extensive motifs from nature or can be visually equalized by graphic patterns. At the end of the day, however, the large selection of different photo wallpaper motifs makes it interesting to play with shapes, colours and illusions to create an individual wall design.