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    Buy photo wallpaper with great motifs at a favourable price

    Wall murals are a wonderful way to add life, colour and personality to the rooms in your home. Do you want to give your walls a very special touch and create an enchanting room atmosphere? Then use our great photo wallpapers as a wall design that shows your personality and reflects your interests and dreams. Discover our affordable photo wallpapers with the best quality and a wide variety of designs for your renovation at Fancyhometrends!

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    Buy premium photo wallpaper for great effects at a low price

    Discover photo wallpapers in a variety of designs for your living spaces and ensure that each of your rooms becomes an eye-catcher. Our high-quality photomurals are the ideal eye-catcher for any room. The variety of designs and motifs allows you to express your individual taste in interior design. Photo wallpapers are put together as individual panels on the wall to create an overall picture. The difference to XXL posters, wall tattoos or murals:

    • Photo wallpapers create a special spatial effect and
    • Photo wallpapers can be ideally adapted to the nature and dimensions of the wall.

    Small rooms in particular appear larger with expansive motifs from nature. Motifs and images such as:

    • lush forests,
    • meadows or beaches,
    • floral motifs or
    • nature motifs with perspective (sunset, bridges, stones in the water).

    3D photo wallpapers give your room even more depth, transforming it into a place full of inspiration and spirit.

    Add a personalised touch to your home with photomurals

    Whether you opt for an abstract landscape, a beautiful sunset or a vibrant cityscape, photomurals bring an interesting ambience to any room. Another great advantage of photomurals is that they are very versatile. Create distinctive room atmospheres in various rooms with these wallpapers, such as:

    • Cosiness with floral photo wallpapers in the living room,
    • Cheerfulness with comic photomurals in the children's room,
    • relaxing flair with nature motifs in the bedroom or
    • a sober, modern look with concrete-look wallpaper in the kitchen.

    Discover our large selection of different photo wallpaper motifs to design your walls to your taste and order your favourite wallpaper in our online shop!

    Wallpapering tips - it's that easy

    Before you choose a photo wallpaper, it's important to consider the surface of your wall. Our high-quality wallpapers are easy to apply to a variety of surfaces and create stunning images in any room. Most photomurals are made from a non-woven material with a coating and are applied using the practical paste the wall technique. With the paste the wall technique, you apply wallpaper paste to the wall. Non-woven wallpaper paste is low-splash and dries less quickly, so the wallpaper can still be aligned after application. This makes wallpapering particularly easy and convenient.

    Buy bestselling photo wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

    Shop photo wallpapers in a variety of designs for your renovation and choose our affordable trend wallpapers. In our online shop, you'll find a wide range of materials and designs to transform your room into a unique space. Discover our photo wallpapers and make your interior design the highlight of your home. Make your home shine in a new light and skilfully showcase your furniture in a new light. Take advantage of our practical sample service before making a final purchase and order wallpaper samples of individual favourites. This way, you can be sure that the premium wallpaper you choose will be a perfect match for your rooms. In addition to photo wallpapers, you can also choose from other wall designs of wonderful wallpaper types in our online shop, such as:

    Take advantage of the great benefits of our online shop when ordering, such as free shipping for wallpapers within Germany, international shipping and various payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).

    If you have any questions about our products, please browse through our FAQ & help section or contact our friendly customer support team. Order your new and affordable photo wallpaper for your dream home at Fancyhometrends now!