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Photo wallpaper - murals for stunning interior decoration

What is mural wallpaper? - Well, they are photo-realistic wall coverings for impressive spatial effects. Photo wallpapers consist of 1 large image that is digitally printed onto wallpaper backing. With those large wallpaper motifs special atmospheres are created and build striking eye-catchers. There is a broad range of designs and motifs in this category of mural wallpaper. The most impressive one is 3D wall mural wallpaper, but floral photo wallpaper designs can be very decorative as well. Furthermore fancyhometrends offers photo wallpaper with cars, city & nightlife wallpaper, extravagant photo wallpaper or photo wallpaper with graphic design. Industrial photo wallpapers feature stone optics, metal designs, concrete looks and wooden styles for everyone who likes industrial interior decoration. Cute wallpaper motifs are in the Kids&Youth category with Disney wallpaper designs, animal wallpaper motifs and cool Star Wars wallpaper. Some mural wallpapers are a real piece of art, so check out artist photo wallpapers. Those who prefer natural wallpaper motifs should have a look at Landscapes&Panorama for lively wallpaper designs. Further nature wallpapers are to be found in Palms&Sea and Forest&Meadows. The best wallpaper designs for relaxing interior decoration are in our Wellness category. Sayings&Writings contain motivation wallpaper with stylish motifs. Retro photo wallpaper designs are to be found in the Retro Chic Category, the right choice for everyone who revels memories of former times. Lion wallpaper motifs, flamingo wallpaper and further birds and trendy animal motifs are found among our Animals photo wallpapers. Those who get caught by wanderlust easily should sooth their soul with Cities&Travel mural wallpaper.