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Photomurals in diverse and contemporary designs

Expressive living begins with the design of the walls. Whether photomurals with 3D effects, floral motifs or graphic patterns: with their particularly realistic look, our photomurals are the first choice for designing rooms that need to radiate something special. Our high-quality photomurals are equally impressive as accent wallpaper and as large-scale décor. The great thing about photo wallpapers: There is the right photo print for creative interior design for every style of home. Discover beautiful photo wallpapers with and without 3D effect for your renovation project at favourable prices on Fancyhometrends!

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Stunning photo wallpapers with landscape motifs, flowers, tiles and more

Do you love nature? Then our landscapes & panorama wallpapers will fascinate you just as much as the palm & sea wallpapers and flowers & plants wallpapers with their sensational colours and realistic depictions. Nature often has a calming effect on us. With our first-class non-woven photo wallpapers with nature motifs, such as the Forest & Meadows wallpaper, you can make your home even more relaxing and inviting. Choose motifs such as for a harmonising room effect:

  • Views of high mountains
  • forest landscapes
  • Beach, sea and meadows
  • misty lakes

Landscape motifs give rooms an intense sense of depth and stimulate the imagination. Wallpapers with 3D effects are also very popular and transform rooms into artistic living projects. Graphic elements are often depicted so realistically using optical illusion technology that viewers get the impression that they are part of the room. Follow your creative ideas and discover our fascinating motif wallpapers at Fancyhometrends for your bold home design!

Applying photomurals: it's so easy

The wall must be smooth, clean and dry before application. If necessary, any unevenness must be smoothed or filled. With non-woven wallpaper, the paste is simply applied to the wall.It is best to use a bucket and a whisk for mixing.Then apply the individual (pre-numbered) strips one after the other: done.

Buy photo wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

Our photo wallpapers from renowned wallpaper manufacturers give your rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms or children's rooms, a personalised atmosphere. Are you still thinking about which wallpaper designs best suit your interior? Then order individualwallpaper samples of your favourites before making your final purchase decision. Discover many more decorative photo wallpapers in different styles such as:

Take advantage of the wide range of options in our shop and enjoy practical benefits when ordering, such as:

  • our wallpaper guide,
  • free shipping for wallpapers within Germany and 
  • various payment options (bank transfer, PayPal, credit card).

Do you still have questions about applying your wallpaper or about individual products? Then contact our customer support and browse through the helpful FAQ & help section. Also discover other accessories, such as paste for non-woven wallpaper or wallpaper primer for easy application of your wall designs. Order beautiful photo wallpapers for your individual home projects now at Fancyhometrends!