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    Smooth fleece & renovation fleece - the flexible all-rounder wallpapers

    Renovation is on the cards and now? Which wallpaper fits best and what about the materials and application? The best news for all renovation projects: Smooth fleece or renovation fleece always fits. It offers many design options and if you want to conjure up a stylish look on your walls, you will achieve absolutely perfect results with smooth fleece. No matter which rooms you want to embellish: In our online shop, you'll find a large selection of smooth fleece & renovation fleece at great prices. Discover the best smooth non-woven wallpaper at FancyHomeTrends.com!

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    Lining & Decorating Wallpaper - straightforward, discreet, purist

    Whether for a house or flat, work or business premises: smooth renovation fleece is one of the hottest wall coverings for interior decoration. It is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers a timeless yet modern look. Smooth fleece and renovation fleece are made of cellulose and textile fibres and have an absolutely smooth structure, are colourless and unprinted. This is an important reason why many choose smooth non-woven wallpaper. 

    Those who want to renovate creatively and environmentally friendly at the same time will also find the right material in a smooth non-woven wallpaper. The high fibre content of smooth non-woven wallpaper ensures that the wall is covered in a breathable way. It also has crack-bridging properties and is applied using the simple wall-gluing technique. But removing smooth non-woven wallpaper is also child's play. It can simply be peeled off the wall dry.

    Diverse use - easy to apply: the advantages of smooth non-woven wallpapers

    One type of wallpaper - several names. Welcome to the world of craftsmen. Whether they like to think up new names for their favourite products at work or the many usage options are the reason for the numerous designations: These various synonyms exist for smooth non-woven wallpaper:

    • Renovation fleece
    • Repair fleece
    • Painting fleece
    • Maculature wallpaper
    • Underlay wallpaper

    The terms "paint fleece and underlay wallpaper" describe the great feature of this type of wallpaper that you can paint over it. The adhesive surface structure of the wallcovering is so well constructed that a single coat of paint is usually sufficient, no matter what the previous colour was. You want only the best for your renovation project? For smooth non-woven wallpapers, it doesn't matter which substrates they are applied to. The description renovation non-woven or macalature wallpaper indicates the crack-bridging ability of the wallpaper to even out small irregularities or even cracks. Another plus point: you can also give a smooth non-woven wallpaper a new coat of paint at any time or simply wallpaper over it, for example with:

    The application of smooth non-woven wallpapers works according to the wall gluing technique. It is child's play and therefore popular with renovation dummies and craftsmen alike: To attach non-woven, the wallpaper strips are first cut to size. The paste is applied to the walls and the fleece is simply pressed onto the walls - it couldn't be easier.

    Create a great living ambience with smooth fleece & renovation fleece from FancyHomeTrends.com

    Use the great features of our wallpaper guide to create your individual living flair. In our wallpaper shop you will find a wide selection of wallpapers and matching accessories. Browse through our wide range and let yourself be inspired. Use our special service, such as:

    • international shipping and
    • various payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).

    If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form and check our FAQ. Also take advantage of the extensive advice from our customer support for your optimal renovation. Order high-quality smooth fleece & renovation fleece at FancyHomeTrends.com now!