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    Self-adhesive wallpaper - the easiest way to wallpaper

    Clean and easy wallpapering: Give your walls a new look in no time at all with our self-adhesive wallpaper. Wallpapering has never been so quick and easy. Prepare the wall, peel off the film, press the wallpaper onto the wall and you're done. Here in the shop you will find a wide selection of great self-adhesive design wallpapers. Discover numerous self-adhesive wallpapers with various designs such as geographical patterns, ornaments and many more at billigerluxus.de!

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    Self-adhesive wallpaper - decoration in turbo time without paste

    Bought, applied, done. It couldn't be easier. With self-adhesive wallpaper, you save yourself all the tedious preparation involved in the conventional wallpapering process. In addition to numerous patterns and motifs, photo wallpapers are also often self-adhesive. You can use self-adhesive wallpaper in many areas. No matter in which room or on which surface you apply them: they are available in many colours and are ideal for walls, windows, doors and even cupboards. Other advantages of self-adhesive wallpaper:

    • easy to cut by hand
    • No adhesive required
    • no professional tools required
    • good adhesion
    • no adhesive residue after removal

    The great thing about self-adhesive wallpapers is that they are suitable for any wall design, except for damp rooms. For rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, we recommend a special scrub-resistant version. And the same rule applies here as for all wallpapers for damp rooms: where walls are regularly exposed to moisture, such as on the shower wall, the wallpaper must be left blank. Tiles are the better choice here.

    Tips for application - here we go

    Self-adhesive wallpapers are made from non-woven backing material and have an adhesive film. They can be applied to painted walls as well as smooth, untextured paper and vinyl wallpaper. There are a few things to bear in mind when preparing the wall:

    • The walls must be free of dust and grease
    • The walls must be smooth

    If the walls have unevenness or small cracks, you can level them out with a levelling compound. Then test the wallpaper in a small area to check its adhesion. If everything is fine, you're ready to go.

    Step 1: Sorting

    Lay the individual strips of self-adhesive wallpaper on the floor. If you have chosen a wallpaper with an artistic motif, the strips will be labelled with numbers. It's best to sort the strips accordingly.

    Step 2: Apply

    There is a protective film on the back of the wallpaper. Peel off a strip of the film about 10 cm wide and carefully press the wallpaper onto the wall. Then press the rest of the wallpaper against the wall while peeling off the backing paper at the same time. Work at a moderate pace and take your time, as this will result in fewer bubbles. 

    Step 3: Finish

    Once the wallpaper has been fully applied, make sure that it is pressed down firmly and that all air bubbles are smoothed out. A rubber roller or soft cloth is suitable for smoothing out the wallpaper.

    More fun in the home with self-adhesive wallpaper from Fancyhometrends

    Self-adhesive wallpapers are just as suitable as other non-woven wallpapers for numerous renovation projects. With photo wallpapers and self-adhesive motif wallpapers, you can spice up furniture in an instant. They are suitable for almost any surface, embellish anything with a smooth surface and set strong accents.

    Finding the right wallpaper is important for the perfect design of your walls. In our wallpaper shop, you will find a large selection of wallpapers and the right accessories such as paste for applying them. Browse through our wide range and be inspired by the different categories. Use our special service, such as:

    • free Germany-wide shipping for wallpapers,  
    • international shipping and 
    • practical payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).  

    Also discover our wide selection of wall stickers and colours. Do you have questions about adhesives or other wallpaper-related topics? Benefit from the well-structured FAQ section of our customer support. Order great self-adhesive wallpapers now at billigerluxus.de!