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Non-Woven Woodchip Wallpaper Erfurt Classico 12 Roles

Non-Woven Woodchip Wallpaper Erfurt Classico 12 Roles

  • Item number: VLIES-1000316
  • Manufacturer: Erfurt
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Non-Woven Woodchip Wallpaper by Erfurt Classico 12 Roles Ingrain Wallpaper

Erfurt is one of the most popular manufacturer for non-woven woodchip wallpapers in Germany. The woodchip wallpaper Classico can be re-painted several times and thereby the wallpaper can be adapted to diverse room concepts. The medium-coarse texture of the wallpapers surface generates a comfortable ambiance and convinces by excellent material characteristics. The ingrain wallpaper is made in Germany and can be processed on walls as well as on ceilings and can be used to cover cracks. The material is free of PVC and glass fibre as well as shock-resistant and breathable. This set is composed of 12 rolls of wallpapers. Each wallpaper role has a dimension of 15 x 0,53 m. The quantity of wallpapers is sufficient for 95,4 m² wall or ceiling surface.

  • Texture: average coarse
  • Colour: white
  • Material: non-woven
  • Role dimension: about 15,00 x 0,53 m / 16.4 yd x 20.8"
  • Design match: free match
  • Capacity: 12 rolls of wallpaper (ca. 95,4 m²)
  • Characteristics: free of PVC and plasticisers, glass fibre free, hardly inflammable, suitable for walls and ceiling, breathable and moisture-regulating, shock-resistant, no soaking time, covering cracks, low consumption of paint
  • Distinctions: can be re-painted several times, suitable for allergy-sufferers, German brand product

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