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    Baroque & ornamental wallpapers - elegant splendor for your walls 

    With their magnificent wallpaper designs, the trendy baroque & ornamental wallpapers are ingenious eye-catchers and give your rooms a particularly luxurious effect. The baroque patterns feature a variety of ornamental designs. The opulent shapes and glossy colors are based on the style of the Baroque period of the same name. Discover high-quality baroque & ornamental wallpapers for your renovation projects here in our online store at billigerluxus.de!

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    Baroque & ornamental wallpapers - unusual baroque wallpapers for luxury living flair

    The beautiful baroque-style wallpaper designs with multiple gloss effects are suitable for living rooms and bedrooms as well as other rooms that need to exude a luxurious ambience. They are made from high-quality non-woven material and are durable and robust. The baroque ornaments are exquisitely finished and feature various designs, such as

    • floral motifs,
    • graphic patterns and
    • designs with metallic effects.

    Whether glossy or matt, subtle or bold: the symmetrical ornaments and elegant tendril illustrations lend baroque wallpapers an irresistible charm. The non-woven wallpapers in baroque style are experiencing an absolute revival, are easy to apply and conjure up an inviting and glamorous living ambience in any room in no time at all.

    Colors and contrasts - how to create the perfect wall design with baroque wallpaper

    Baroque wallpapers are usually designed in two or three colors in ornamental form. The combination of light and dark colors creates effective contrasts. Metallic design elements in the colors gold and silver are very popular here. However, classic contrasts in the gray palette such as black and white also give baroque wallpapers an effective and elegant coloring. Baroque-style wallpapers are a recurring feature in current interior design trends and embody a glamorous furnishing look. Baroque wallpapers made of non-woven fabric, with or without a vinyl coating, shine particularly beautifully in combination with unusual accessories, such as

    • golden baroque-style mirrors,
    • pompous chandeliers,
    • extravagant candlesticks or
    • ornate picture frames.

    The great thing about the wallpaper: From a distance you can see curved shapes, but on closer inspection you can see multi-faceted patterns made up of tiny details.

    Historical dynamics restaged - baroque wallpapers on trend

    In the 16th century, the Baroque era aimed to showcase wealth with sculptural and ostentatious decorative elements. They consisted of:

    • Leafy tendrils,
    • lush vault paintings,
    • golden hues and
    • stucco marble.

    Baroque-style wallpapers combine these elements with glitter and metallic patterns to create a cozy atmosphere. You can give entire walls a new look with stylish vinyl wallpaper.

    Buy baroque & ornamental wallpapers and more at billigerluxus.de 

    Discover the best wallpapers for your interior design in our online store. Use our wallpaper samples to find the right wallpaper for your rooms. Wallpapers with ornaments are very popular and create a cozy atmosphere with glitter and metallic patterns. In addition to the classic plain wallpapers, there are many other innovative styles, including

    For living rooms, you can give free rein to your creative inspirations. From stone wallpaper to jungle wallpaper: make your living space shine with our quality wallpapers. Combine different wallpaper styles in trendy colors or patterns and wallpaper your home individually. Benefit from other advantages of our online store, such as:

    • free shipping options within Germany for wallpapers
    • regular sales
    • various payment options such as PayPal, bank transfer or credit card

    Order your favorite wallpapers and matching accessories for creative interior design at billigerluxus.de now!