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    Floral wallpaper for an enchanting room ambience

    Floral wallpapers and floral motifs are popular wallpapers for designing cozy living spaces due to their versatile use. Whether fine or large print, colorful or simple: walls with floral motifs lend every room a romantic and nature-loving atmosphere. Discover our large selection of floral wallpapers with perfect flower illustrations, tendrils and fantastic leaves in many colors at Fancyhometrends!

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    Floral wallpaper - blooming gardens in the middle of the city

    Flowers are wonderful gifts from nature. They are fragrant in a variety of nuances and display a colorful elegance rich in form. They never cease to amaze us with how colorful nature can be. As numerous and colorful as they may be, these delicate flowers are unfortunately also perishable. That's why floral wallpapers are so popular: they allow you to surround yourself with floral impressions all year round and enjoy the natural beauty.

    Do you want to conjure up a botanical dream in your own four walls or set specific accents with floral motifs? Wallpapers with large and small floral patterns in various designs are suitable for this, such as 

    • classic flower illustrations,
    • exotic plants,
    • floral tendrils or
    • tropical leaves.

    Wallpapers with floral patterns and blossoms impress with a natural look and also create a cozy ambience in city apartments. You will find numerous exquisite photo wallpapers, non-woven wallpapers and vinyl wallpapers in our range. Combine the wallpapers with wooden furniture or indoor plants and transform your room into a blooming garden in no time at all with botanical illustrations.

    Flowers and florals for every room

    For many centuries, artists have turned to flowers, blossoms and leaves and have been inspired by various plants for their works of art. Perhaps this is why floral motifs are among the most popular wallpaper motifs of all. In some cases, flowers radiate pure beauty, while in other combinations they simply make us feel cheerful. Flowers also symbolize:

    • Beauty,  
    • harmony, 
    • freshness and 
    • vitality. 

    In the history of fashion and art, they have been a source of inspiration for shapes, cuts and other forms of design. As far back as the Renaissance, we can find entire walls and ceilings made of flower paintings in magnificent castles, because even then people loved flowers for the design of their interiors.

    Above all, floral wallpapers are very versatile. Whether living room, hallway, kitchen or bathroom: floral wallpapers work wonders in every room. They give large rooms, such as bedrooms, but also small rooms an extraordinary character.

    Floral wallpaper for more cosiness in your home

    Do you love a certain season? Then get a wallpaper with flowers and leaves that represent these seasons, such as

    • springtime tulips, daffodils or violets,
    • summer meadows, rose petals,
    • Autumn impressions with maple leaves,
    • ice flowers or cyclamen.

    You are sure to find exactly the floral wallpaper that suits your style of living and inspires you.

    Buy floral wallpapers & floral wallpapers at Fancyhometrends

    Discover the large selection of high-quality wallpapers in our online store. In addition to photo wallpapers or wallpapers with floral patterns, there are many other exciting styles, including: 

    Bring freshness to your living spaces with our quality wallpapers. Combine different wallpaper styles in trendy colors or patterns and wallpaper your home individually. Take advantage of our sample service and order a few wallpaper samples before buying several rolls, so you can be sure that the selected premium wallpaper fits perfectly. You can also use our special service, such as

    • free Germany-wide shipping for wallpaper,
    • international shipping and
    • practical payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card)  

    Also discover various floral motifs as wall stickers and accessories and use the clearly structured FAQ section of our customer support. Order great floral wallpapers now at Fancyhometrends!