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    Textile wallpaper for luxurious living

    Those who choose textile wallpaper can enjoy the sight of beautiful walls every day. Textile wallpaper is the oldest and most traditional type of wall decoration. A wallpaper with a textile surface is particularly exclusive and appeals to several senses at the same time. It takes the viewer on a journey to multi-faceted plays of light, structures and textures. Discover our wide selection of exquisite wallpapers for your luxurious room creations. Give your walls the new wow effect and shop for the perfect textile wallpapers at FancyHomeTrends.com!

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    Textile wallpapers: Retro feeling and modern gloss effects

    Looking for a special wallpaper for your home, workplace or other rooms? Whether you want to renovate a living room or bedroom, a textile wallpaper is a great choice when it comes to conjuring up glitz and glamour in a room. A textile wallpaper has either a backing made of inexpensive paper or high-quality non-woven. Textile wallpaper with a non-woven backing can be easily applied using the wall-pasting technique, whereas with a paper backing you have to paste the wallpaper strip and it can only be applied after a certain soaking time. The surface of a textile wallpaper consists, as the name suggests, of various textiles. These are mostly natural fibres, such as:

    • Silk
    • Linen
    • Wool
    • Jute
    • Felt
    • Cotton

    But synthetic fibres such as viscose or lurex are also used for the production of textile wallpapers. The fibres are glued on lengthwise or woven fabrics are laminated.

    Depending on which textile a fabric wallpaper is made of, the result is a finer or coarser surface structure. Textile fibres can be smooth, curved, crimped or napped. Very popular at present are wallpapers with warp threads with synthetic or natural fibres. What all textile wallpapers have in common is that they embody an exclusive aesthetic in many colours. Further advantages of textile wallpapers are:

    • Durability
    • thermal insulation
    • acoustic damping

    Those who want to kill two birds with one stone benefit not only from the great design aspects but also from the insulating properties of this type of wallpaper. In many homes, it can make sense to pay attention to the insulation of walls.

    Luxury room design redefined - from the door handle to the ceiling lamp

    With the great textile wallpapers from FancyHomeTrends.com, you also set the scene for corresponding furniture in a really skilful way. This applies equally to bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms. The numerous looks of wallpapers with textile surfaces are becoming more and more popular. Would you like a little more luxury? Every room in your home deserves a new look and maybe even a new story. A great effect of fabric wallpapers: home accessories and furniture look simply amazing in front of them. Trust your taste and combine different styles. Choose other types of wallpaper for this purpose, such as:

    Create a great living ambience with textile wallpapers from FancyHomeTrends.com

    For the design of your walls it is important to find the right wall covering. In our wallpaper shop you will find a large selection of wallpapers and the right supplies for applying them. Browse through our wide range of products and let the different categories inspire you. Use our special service, such as:

    • international shipping and
    • various payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).

    Do you have questions about adhesives, such as dispersion glue, non-woven backing or the application of your wallpaper strips? Use the FAQ section of our customer support. Order high-quality textile wallpapers at FancyHomeTrends.com now!