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    Buy glass fibre wallpaper for hygienic wall and ceiling coverings 

    If you are looking for a robust and exclusive wallpaper solution, glass fibre wallpaper is an excellent choice. Glass fibre wallpaper is the perfect remedy for cracks in the walls in particular. The mineral fibres that make up these wallpapers also prevent the growth of mould and mite infestation. The glass fibres of a glass fabric consist of minerals without toxic components and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Discover our selection of excellent glass fibre wallpapers for your wall design at Fancyhometrends!

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    Buy durable glass fibre wallpaper

    Glass fibre wallpapers are translucent and should therefore be painted over. They are mainly used as decorative and hygienic wall and ceiling coverings in interior areas. The glass fibre gives the wall texture a particularly homely and elegant touch thanks to its textile character. The wallpapers also score points with different fabric patterns and the possibility of individual colour matching. Other properties of glass fibre wallpapers include:

    • Durability: glass fibre wallpapers are extremely robust and resistant to damage and wear. They can therefore last for many years without needing to be replaced.
    • Environmentally friendly: As glass fibre wallpaper is made from mineral fibres and contains no toxic substances, it is an environmentally friendly option for your wall covering.
    • Allergy-friendly: The fibres of glass fibre wallpaper are not only resistant to mould, but also to allergens. They therefore minimise the risk of allergic reactions and respiratory problems.
    • Easy to clean: As glass fibre wallpaper does not generate an electrostatic charge, little dust and dirt settles on it. You can therefore simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them clean.

    Glass fibre wallpapers are available in a variety of textures. In addition, a subtype of glass fibre wallpaper, woven glass wallpaper, is often used in larger buildings. Glass fibre is a material made from thin threads of glass that are woven into a fabric or mesh. It is extremely robust and even more resistant to wear and damage. It is also resistant to fire, moisture and mould.

    Buy glass fibre wallpaper and more at Fancyhometrends

    Choose your favourite wallpaper from over 15,000 wallpapers to suit your needs at Germany's leading mail order company for wallpaper. We stock the top brands in the world of wallpaper at favourable prices, such as wallpapers from Guido-Maria-Kretschmer, Versace Wallpapers or A.S. Création. Give your home a particularly unusual ambience with our high-quality glass fibre wallpapers. Combine them with wallpapers in other styles, such as:

    At Fancyhometrends you receive your modern wallpaper free of charge throughout Germany. To make buying wallpaper easier for you, we offer the following service:

    • our practical wallpaper guide,
    • common payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).
    • our detailed FAQ and
    • the option of requesting wallpaper samples so that you can test the wallpaper at home in the right environment.

    If you have any questions about wallpaper or accessories (paste, paint rollers, brushes, etc.), please explore our FAQ & Help section or contact our customer support. Design your home with unusual glass fibre wallpapers and order them in high quality at low prices at Fancyhometrends!