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    Graphic & geometric wallpapers for modern room designs

    Looking for great wallpapers with graphic or geometric patterns? Our range of graphic patterns extends from abstract shapes to geometrically sophisticated motifs and designs in different colours. Choose the perfect wallpaper from a variety of designs for a personalised interior design in your home. Our range includes wallpapers with circles, rectangles, squares and various graphic elements. Discover the amazing variety of our range for your dream home at Fancyhometrends!

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    Graphic & geometric wallpapers: subtle elegance and a timeless ambience

    Graphic patterns often have a dynamic and lively effect. Whether fine lines or patterns in the style of pop art: geometric shapes and graphic wallpapers can be used to liven up walls in a particularly elegant way. Are you looking for the right wallpaper to give your rooms an artistic and modern ambience? Then discover our geometric wallpapers with great shapes, such as

    • triangles
    • squares
    • diamonds
    • cubes
    • hexagons
    • dots

    Geometric wallpaper is great to combine with plain-coloured wallpaper: This makes their graphic structure even more eye-catching. You can also use it to create different wall designs, because graphic & geometric wallpapers simply invite you to feel good. 

    Symmetrical and asymmetrical design concepts

    The striking feature of these wallpapers is the arrangement of the shapes that make up the pattern. Many combinations of different geometric shapes are also possible. Some wallpaper designs already pick up on this and combine squares with other shapes such as circles or curved lines. There are both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs. Symmetrical shapes have a calming character, while asymmetrical shapes appear more modern and timeless.

    The styles are also varied here: you can find various wallpaper designs with graphic shapes in the:

    Designers such as Guido Maria Kretschmer are constantly coming up with new ideas for graphic designs. They utilise light-dark contrasts and gloss effects in which the geometric shapes appear very varied. The latest trends include graphic non-woven wallpapers with a 3D effect, which are able to make a room appear larger.

    What to look out for when wallpapering graphic & geometric wallpapers

    If you are using graphic wallpaper for an accent wall, the pattern is less important. In this case, the wallpaper is applied in individual panels or wallpapered on a single, narrower room wall. When applying several strips of wallpaper next to each other, you must pay attention to the pattern when wallpapering. This is the only way to create a harmonious overall look and ensure that diamonds, triangles, squares and rectangles fit together perfectly, strip for strip.

    The striking feature of these wallpapers is usually the strictly symmetrical arrangement of the shapes that make up the pattern: Lines, rectangles, dots, diamonds or triangles. Combinations of different geometric shapes are also possible.

    Buy graphic & geometric wallpapers at Fancyhometrends

    Many reputable wallpaper manufacturers offer a broad portfolio of wallpapers with graphic and geometric figures that leave nothing to be desired: minimalist designs with a colour scheme or large patterns with eye-catching colour elements as eye-catchers. Discover many other well-known wallpaper manufacturers in our online shop, such as

    Take advantage of attractive benefits with your orders, such as

    • our wallpaper guide with useful tips on renovating.
    • Free, Germany-wide shipping for wallpapers,  
    • international shipping and
    • practical payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).

    If you have any further questions, please browse through our FAQ & help section. There we have summarised many answers to renovation-related topics. You can also shop various accessories and contact our dedicated customer support team. Buy great graphic & geometric wallpapers for designing your walls at Fancyhometrends now!