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    Quality wall paints and dispersion paints for your home 

    At Fancyhometrends you will find a wide selection of high quality wall paints and dispersion paints at unbeatable prices. Our paints are durable and offer a high opacity to make your walls shine in new splendor. Whether you want to paint your interior walls or redesign your facade, we have the perfect colour for you. You can also use the tinting paints to create unique colors. 

    Order today and get your wall paint delivered quickly and reliably to your home! 

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    What is the difference between wall paint and dispersion paint?

    Are you just new to the topic of renovation or are you just unsure about the choice of wall colors? We will be happy to explain to you what you should pay attention to when choosing your wall paint: 

    • Wall paint is a generic term for all types of paint. 
    • Dispersion paint is a special type of wall paint which is based on a dispersion of synthetic resins in water and is therefore water soluble
    • In contrast, the usual oil-based paint consists of a binder and is not water-soluble. 

    If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to the classic paints, then please take a look at our clay filler. For damp rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room we recommend special bathroom paint or anti-mould paint

    Browse now for the diverse wall paints and dispersion paints on Fancyhometrends

    Which color is the best to use inside? 

    If you want to paint the walls of your apartment or house on the inside, you will find a variety of wall colors. Especially for indoor use, dispersion paint is the most commonly used choice. It is ideal for walls and ceilings in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, as they:

    • are easy to apply
    • dry quickly
    • offer good coverage

    They are odorless as well and easy to clean as it is a water-based wall paint that does not contain solvents and plasticisers. 

    Discover the colorful variety of wall paints and dispersion paints for your creative ideas! 

    When should I use dispersion paint? 

    Dispersion paint is particularly suitable for the use on surfaces such as plaster, concrete, plasterboard, cement or wood indoors. It can also be tinted to give your walls some color. Alternatively, you can also stop by our special wood protection paints and anti-mildew paints. 

    Make your dreams come true and design your home with new wall colors! 

    Which color is suitable for painting walls? 

    Choosing the right color depends on many factors, including the desired shade, quality, opacity and application. Here are some of our most popular colors and their properties

    • Bath paint (anti-mould paint, wet room paint): Specially designed for damp environments to prevent mold formation. It is moisture-resistant and antifungal. 
    • Latex paint: A durable paint that is often used for heavily stressed areas such as kitchens and hallways. The latex paint is scratch and abrasion resistant and easy to clean. 
    • Facade paint: A weatherproof paint specially developed for outdoor use. It protects the facade from environmental influences such as rain, sun and dirt and ensures an appealing appearance. 
    • Tinting paint: Tinting paints change an existing color. These make it possible to create an individual colour concept. 

    No matter which color you choose, we have a wide selection of high quality products at unbeatable prices. Discover also our lacquer paints and spray paints

    Find your perfect wall color and delight your loved ones! 

    Realize your ideas with our wall paints and dispersion paints

    Choose the right dispersion color for your needs from a variety of color shades and let your walls shine in a new splendor. Our wall paints are characterized by their high quality and durability and are suitable for all types of walls. Benefit from numerous advantages when ordering, including: 

    Buy quality wall paints at affordable prices!