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    Chequered wallpapers - the versatile all-rounders

    Checked wallpapers go well with almost all other patterned wallpapers or even with simple plain wallpapers or plain-coloured walls. They are available in various designs, from the classic tartan pattern to small squares that createa dynamicmural. Chequered wallpapers with 3D effects are particularly popular. Discover the variety of great chequered wallpapers and the large selection for your interior design in our wallpaper shop at Fancyhometrends!

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    Bring new splendour to the walls with checked wallpaper: the best design tips

    Wallpaper with a chequered pattern is a timeless classic on the wall and looks unique and elegant in any setting. Whether small or large checks, traditional tartan or Vichy checks - they always radiate a certain quality and noblesse.

    They fit into almost any ambience, whether in small or large rooms. Chequered wallpapers also bring a piece of history to the wall and add a touch of nostalgia to your home or office. The other advantages of chequered non-woven wallpaper are

    • classic look
    • Easy to apply
    • they make rooms appear larger

    Chequered wallpapers transform walls into eye-catchers. They can also be combined with different styles and are therefore very versatile. The room effect of checked wallpaper varies depending on the pattern and colour scheme. Small checks tend to have a calming and harmonising effect, while large checks look lively and full of energy. Traditional tartan checks look cosy and homely, while Vichy checks look modern and elegant.

    Extra tip: you can wallpaper several walls, wall transitions and adjoining corners wonderfully with checked wallpaper.

    Designer looks in chequered style

    Numerous well-known designers and wallpaper manufacturers such as Livingwalls and Rasch Textil use chequered patterns in their luxury collections. Some of the check graphics are subtle, but in recent years designers have often used bold colours such as yellow, orange and pink. Among the various design variations, you will find motifs such as:

    • Peasant check
    • pepita
    • Tartan check

    Plaid wallpapers are also versatile in terms of materials, as they are available as non-woven wallpapers, photo wallpapers and vinyl wallpapers.

    Buy chequered wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

    Chequered wallpapers are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to give their rooms a classic and elegant look. Discover the large selection of high-quality and affordable wallpapers in our online shop. In addition to chequered wallpaper, there are also many other exciting styles, including

    If you're looking for new design ideas for your home, you'll find plenty of inspiration in our online shop. Combine different wallpaper styles, for example, to give your rooms a completely individual look.

    You can also take advantage of our practical sample service to order individual wallpaper samples of your favourites before you buy. This way you can be sure that your chosen wallpaper will suit your rooms. You can also take advantage of our special service, such as

    • free nationwide shipping for wallpaper
    • as well as international shipping
    • Practical payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card)

    Also discover various accessories such as paste in our online shop and use the FAQ section of our customer support Order trendy chequered wallpaper for your elegant dream home at Fancyhometrends now!