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    Gloss and glitter wallpapers: Glossy wallpaper in brilliant white and more

    Anyone who likes glamour and sophistication will love our metallic gloss and glitter wallpapers. Thanks to special light reflections, the shiny wallpapers enrich living spaces with a luxurious overall ambience. Exclusive living ideas can be realised effectively with glossy patterned wallpapers. Those who love more subtle gloss effects will be particularly impressed by the single-colour glossy wallpapers. Choose the right glossy colour for your living area from wallpapers with copper, silver, gold and many other shades and create a stylish, elegant room effect. Discover the best gloss wallpaper in white, silver, gold and other great shades for your home at Fancyhometrends!

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    Glossy wallpaper in white, gold or metallic tones for special effects

    With gloss and glitter wallpaper, you can conjure up great shiny effects on your walls with metallic tones. The outstanding material properties of these non-woven wallpapers with high lightfastness make them particularly easy to apply. For a sparkling and festive room atmosphere, special colour tones create striking effects, such as

    • Gold
    • silver
    • pearl
    • copper
    • rose gold

    The glitter effects also highlight wallpapers with bright colours and inspiring patterns. Wallpapers with metallic effects are usually made of PVC or non-woven fabric. Our non-woven wallpapers are durable and have many advantages.

    If you are looking for a wallpaper with a metallic effect that is particularly eye-catching, you should use our 3D-look wallpapers. They reflect light in different wavelengths, are sometimes photorealistic and create exciting 3D effects. These wallpapers are particularly popular in children's rooms or teenagers' rooms as they create a magical atmosphere.

    Pearl wallpapers and subtle glitter effects

    The best-selling shiny wallpapers are in the colours silver, gold and copper. More subtle effects can be found in wallpapers with a pearlescent effect. They have small particles that reflect the light and create a soft shimmer. These wallpapers are ideal for rooms with soft lighting.

    However, if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, you can also wallpaper your walls with gloss and glitter wallpaper in colours such as pink, blue or pastel shades. Glitter wallpapers go perfectly with modern or minimalist interiors and create a more appealing look throughout the house. Wallpapers with a sophisticated baroque pattern are also available from us with fine glitter particles. This enhances the glamour look of the baroque & ornamental wallpapers.

    Buy elegant glitter and glitter wallpapers at Fancyhometrends

    Glitter wallpapers and wall decorations with special gloss effects are particularly suitable for giving rooms a modern, playful or expressive style. Discover our wide range of affordable premium wallpapers in our online shop. In addition to gloss and glitter wallpapers, there are many other exciting styles, including

    Benefit from many attractive advantages every time you order from our online shop, including:

    • over 15,000 wallpapers in the standard range
    • our competent specialist staff
    • secure shopping through SSL
    • free Germany-wide shipping for wallpapers
    • international shipping
    • practical payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card)

    You can also use our wallpaper guide with useful tips on renovating, international shipping options and practical payment options(PayPal, bank transfer, credit card). Order various accessories from one of Europes leading mail order companies for wallpapers and contact our dedicated customer support team if you have any questions. Buy high-quality gloss and glitter wallpapers at favourable prices at Fancyhometrends now!