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    Dreamlike leather wallpaper for the refinement of special rooms

    Leather wallpaper is wallpaper with deceptively real imitation leather. Featuring a quilted and animal skin look, these eye-catching wallpapers come in a variety of colours and designs. They are particularly popular for elegant interiors because their animated surface creates beautiful light reflections in the room. Give your rooms a stylish and elegant look with leather-look wallpapers that will inspire enthusiasm and discover the matching wallpapers at Fancyhometrends!

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    Leather wallpaper for a real luxury touch

    A leather-look wallpaper is a real eye-catcher and brings a lot of elegance and noblesse into your home. Thanks to the different designs and colours, you can give your living space a new luxury flair. Luxurious gold leather wallpapers have adorned thewalls of residences and castles for centuries. Gold leather takes on a golden-metallic lustre through the form of the treatment and is still used today in castles or manor houses alongside golden paintings for interior design.

    The leather-look wall decorations have a beautiful, smooth surface and are also ideal for rooms where you have little space. The fine textures of the wall coverings immediately make rooms appear larger and brighter. Non-woven wallpaper in a leather look has other advantages too. It is:

    • hard-wearing
    • easy to clean
    • easy to apply
    • breathable

    Leather-look wallpapers are also frequently used in offices. The cool elegance goes well with conference rooms and dignified interiors. The room effect of leather wallpaper varies greatly depending on the wallpaper design. For example, there are wall decors with a crocodile or reptile pattern that add an exotic touch. Other leather wallpapers are simpler and give the room a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

    As a rule, the leather looks are applied in the form of vinyl coatings on non-woven backing. The production is so sophisticated that the wall decors look deceptively real and never cease to amaze.

    Different types of leather in wallpaper designs 

    Various types of leather are imitated in the designs with their characteristic textures and colours, giving them a natural and genuine look. Even subtleties are incorporated into the surfaces, such as: 

    • Pores
    • scars
    • tears
    • creases

    Smooth leather usually has a flawless structure. Wallpapers with smooth leather patterns tend to look cool and sophisticated - ideal for prestigious rooms. Rough leather such as suede, on the other hand, has a warmer effect. It has a velvety, slightly roughened surface and exudes a cosy and comforting atmosphere.

    Buy fine leather wallpapers at Fancyhometrends

    Wallpapers with gold leather are ideal for giving rooms a prestigious and classy style. Discover our wide range of affordable quality wallpapers in our online shop. In addition to leather wallpaper, we offer many other styles, including:

    Take advantage of various benefits when ordering from our online shop, such as:

    • Over 15,000 wallpapers in our range
    • secure shopping through SSL
    • free shipping for wallpapers within Germany
    • international shipping
    • common payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card)

    Also discover our practical wallpaper guide with useful tips on renovating. Order various accessories from one of Europes leading mail order companies for wallpaper and contact our dedicated customer support team if you have any questions. Buy high-quality leather wallpapers at favourable prices at Fancyhometrends now!