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    Create a great living ambience with a variety of country-style wallpapers

    Country house wallpapers are a great way to give rooms a natural living flair. These wallpapers emphasise a closeness to nature for a cosy country-house style interior. The country house wallpapers impress with striped motifs, small or large flowers or abstract designs in pastel trend colours. Country house style wallpapers fit equally well into classic and modern living concepts. Discover our beautiful country-style photomurals at billigerluxus.de!

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    Country-style non-woven wallpaper for more naturalness

    Do you like natural-looking interior design styles? Then browse our wide range of fantastic country house wallpapers. The nature-loving style is inspiring more and more interior fans, especially because it can be combined so well with a Scandinavian and minimalist style. Transform your rooms into a cosy country house or English cottage with country house wallpaper. The country house style has many facets, such as

    • romantic and playful
    • rustic and quaint
    • modern
    • Mediterranean

    Furniture and decorations with a vintage look or sober, elegant designs go particularly well with the country house style. These decorative elements complete the natural country house feel:

    • Fresh plants and cut flowers
    • Cushions and fabrics in light colours
    • wicker baskets
    • Metal watering cans

    With country house wallpaper in a striped look, you can create a beautiful overall composition in your four walls, especially with contrasting and playful decorations.

    Wallpaper with country house charm for a variety of room settings

    The country-inspired living style has long since developed into a timeless trend, which is reflected in numerous collections from renowned wallpaper manufacturers. Top brands such as A.S. Création, Rasch Textil or Barbara Home Collection offer beautiful non-woven wallpapers or vinyl wallpapers with romantic floral designs or a rustic wood look. Use wallpapers in country house style and liven up your rooms: 

    • playful floral designs
    • floral art nouveau patterns
    • wood and pastel-coloured stripe patterns

    A romantic-looking photo wallpaper with floral tendrils is particularly suitable for living rooms such as bedrooms and dining rooms. But country house wallpapers are also very popular for living rooms.

    Romantic or rustic country house style with exclusive wallpaper designs

    Whether opulent floral tendrils or small floral ornaments: country house wallpapers often convey a romantic French flair. In pastel shades, such as pink or lilac, the light floral designs of the wallcoverings transport the viewer to a country house in the French Provence, surrounded by cosy, fragrant lavender fields.

    A rustic living style can also be conjured up in your own walls with matching wallpaper. Colour nuances in earthy beige, brown or intense Bordeaux are suitable in combination with dark wooden furniture. Here you can choose wallpaper with rose tendrils or delicate flowers to complete the rustic look.

    Discover country house wallpapers and other wallpaper styles at Fancyhometrends

    Do you love giving your rooms a very special charm with wallpaper? Then discover other styles in addition to the great motifs in a country house look, such as:

    Bring new splendour to your living spaces with premium wallpapers from Fancyhometrends. Take advantage of our special service for your orders, such as 

    • international shipping
    • free Germany-wide shipping for wallpapers
    • Various payment options such as bank transfer, PayPal and credit card

    Equip yourself with the appropriate accessories, such as paste, for the uncomplicated application of your favourite wallpapers and use the FAQ section of our online shop. Order country house wallpapers now for the beautiful redesign of your walls at Fancyhometrends!