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    Beautiful non-woven wallpaper with lettering & typography elements

    Want to give your home a very individual touch? Lettering & typography wallpapers are a unique way to express yourself and emphasise your attitude to life withwisdom or quotes. Wallpapers with different typographies and life motifs enchant every room and create real eye-catching moments. Great lettering can be a special highlight in combination with a beautiful plain or patterned wallpaper and serve as an accent. Discover an expressive non-woven wallpaper with lettering for your new wall design at Fancyhometrends!

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    Non-woven wallpaper with lettering & typography looks: wall decors for a personalised room atmosphere

    Conjure up impressive moods in your rooms with typographic wallpaper art. Motivational wisdom, philosophical sayings or simply individual letters are suitable for numerous wall designs, especially for:

    • Accent walls
    • partition walls
    • Kitchen or dining rooms

    Do you want to inspire yourself and your family every day or make them think? Curved lettering and typography are particularly suitable for classic and elegant rooms. Printed lettering looks stylish with shabby chic looks and gives them an extra touch of rusticity. Typographic wallpaper designs also have a particularly decorative effect in minimalist furnishing styles.

    Lettering wallpaper as a stylistic device for creative interior design

    In our extensive range of lettering wallpapers, you will find wall sayings in various colours and font designs, such as:

    • Coffee sayings for kitchen rooms and coffee enthusiasts
    • colourful letters for children's rooms
    • philosophical quotes for all rooms
    • motivational sayings

    Whether an inspiring proverb or an elegant text backgroundfor accent walls: Wall designs with typographic elements express a very individual style of living.

    The effect of different types of fonts

    For decorative wallpapers with words, quotes and other typography, there are a variety of fonts to make living, working or relaxation areas cosy and appealing, such as:

    • the serif font for traditional and formal content,
    • a delicate sans-serif font for a modern and minimalist look,
    • script fonts and italic fonts for elegant and flowing texts,
    • block letters for eye-catching and powerful messages and  
    • Fraktur fonts for an artistic vintage look.

    Wallpapers with heart-warming sentences, animating motivational sayings and finely curved characters in the matching font look give your rooms even more personality and identity.

    Buy lettering & typography wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

    Decorate your walls with aptly worded wisdom or beautiful textual designs and find great wallcoverings in our online shop. Choose your favourite design from our wallpapers with high-quality writing & typography and combine the eye-catching wallpapers with other wallpaper styles, such as:

    Order your new favourite wallpaper conveniently in our online shop and take advantage of benefits such as:

    • an idea-generating wallpaper guide,  
    • free shipping for wallpapers within Germany and 
    • various payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card)

    Do you still have questions about individual products, application or the effect of wallpaper types? Then please explore our FAQ & help section or contact our dedicated customer support team. Design your home with great font & typography wallpapers and order them in top quality at favourable prices at Fancyhometrends!