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    Striped wallpaper - timeless and straightforward 

    If you want to make a room look larger, you can design your walls with elegant striped wallpaper. Horizontal stripe patterns make a narrow room appear wider, while vertical stripes can make the room appear higher. In our online shop, you can find wallpapers with wide block stripes, horizontal stripes or elegant narrow stripes in various colours and designs at affordable prices. Explore our wide range of premium wallpapers and find great striped wallpapers for your home project at Fancyhometrends!

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    Striped wallpaper: elegant home luxury you can make yourself

    Striped wallpaper is an easy way to add character and texture to a room. They can be used to accentuate a room or simply to add interest to a wall. Do you want to give your home a unique and elegant flair? Then let our charming non-woven wallpapers with striped patterns convince you. They score points with numerous advantages, such as

    • Modern look: striped wallpapers give rooms a timeless, modern and luxurious living ambience.
    • Can be combined in a variety of ways: non-woven wallpapers with a striped pattern can be used to create a glamorous setting for accessories and furniture in any style.
    • Traditional and high-quality: Whether extravagant or more restrained, specific or universal - a striped wallpaper adapts to the interior and the room conditions and radiates a high level of quality.

    Striped wallpaper can also be used in any room of your home, making it a great universal all-rounder. Are you looking for a timeless, elegant wallpaper that adapts to your needs? Then a sophisticated striped wallpaper is perfect.

    Striped wallpaper for tasteful living with a touch of extra luxury

    Whether thinly striped, with wide block stripes or horizontal or vertical stripes: striped wallpaper is versatile and is often combined with plain or patterned wallpaper. You can use it to skilfully accentuate your walls, for example with a royal touch in the colours blue, red and white or as a maritime variant in the blue and white colour combination. Even more sea? Striped wallpaper in blue and white is particularly suitable for an inviting bathroom. We immediately feel the proximity of the sea, hear the seagulls in the distance and switch straight into relaxation mode.

    Striped wallpaper is also ideal for the living room or children's room thanks to its understated and cheerful elegance. You can achieve a nostalgic flair with a striped wallpaper in antique pink. In combination with floral patterned wallpaper, it is suitable for a children's room as well as a bedroom or living room

    Buy striped wallpaper and more at Fancyhometrends 

    Choose beautiful premium wallpaper with stripes for your renovation project and give your home an elegant living atmosphere. Find great wallcoverings in our online shop. Choose your favourite high-quality decor and combine it with other wallpaper styles, such as:

    Order your stylish premium wallpaper from the comfort of your own home and benefit from attractive advantages such as:

    • a wallpaper guide for inspiration, 
    • free shipping for wallpapers within Germany and 
    • flexible payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).

    Do you have further questions about applying the wallpaper or about individual products? Then please explore our FAQ & help section or contact our customer support. Design your home with luxurious wallpaper with stripes and order it at favourable prices on Fancyhometrends!