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    Patent Decor: Wallpaper for ecological living

    Patent Decor eco wallpapers are ideal for anyone looking for an ecological alternative to conventional wallpaper. The wall decors are made from recycled materials and are therefore environmentally friendly. They can be used in both domestic and commercial settings and offer some great benefits. The Patent Decor wallpapers are suitable for allergy sufferers and impress with their favourable prices. Discover the particularly sustainable collection - from the wallpaper manufacturer Marburg - "Patent Decor" for the best indoor climate in your home at Fancyhometrends!

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    Patent Decor - healthy living with low-pollutant wallpaper designs and 3D effects

    Patent Decor offers exceptionally high-quality and sustainable non-woven wallpapers that can be painted over several times and therefore contribute to the unique design of your living spaces. Decorate your rooms with the diverse wall coverings and choose textures such as: 

    • Stripes
    • flowers
    • 3D circles
    • 3D waves
    • tendrils
    • Zebras

    Patent Decor 3D wallpapers create completely new living ideas with their unusual textures. Fine special granules create a subtle yet three-dimensional look that is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention. 3D wallpapers are a new type of wall decor that attract a lot of attention with their deceptively realistic three-dimensional patterns and designs. They are often used in living spaces to create a special effect and give the room a distinctive look.

    3D wallpapers are often very impressive as they create the illusion of depth and space. This can help to make a room feel larger and more inviting. You can also use them to visually divide a room and define individual areas without having to move furniture or other objects.

    Allergy friendly wallpaper made from recycled materials

    The wallpaper designs from Marburg wallpaper manufacturer Patent Decor are characterised by many advantages, such as:

    • Good suitability for allergy sufferers
    • free from PVC, solvents, plasticisers and heavy metals
    • Made from 100 % recycled materials
    • residue-free removal

    In addition to being applied to walls, they are also suitable for furniture, kitchen fronts and glass. Patent Decor wallpapers are free from paraffin, latex or other allergenic substances. They are therefore completely non-toxic, solvent-free and also consist of natural materials such as wood fibres and cellulose. This makes them an ideal solution for people with allergies or other health problems.

    Buy Patent Decor wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

    The benefits of ecological wallpapers are obvious: reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment as well as the indoor climate. Choose the best wallpapers for redesigning your living spaces to renovate your home in an environmentally friendly way. In addition to photo wallpapers, vinyl wallpapers and non-woven wallpapers, discover other wall coverings in exclusive styles in our online shop, such as:

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