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    Bring your living space to life with LECO wallpapers and nonwovens 

    Make your dream home a reality with first-class products from LECO, a market leader in stylish wall coverings. At Fancyhometrends, you'll find an impressive selection of LECO wallpapers as well as the unique LECO background fleece, a must-have for every room. With their high quality and uncomplicated finish, LECO products ensure that your home reflects your individual style. 

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    Discover the wide range from LECO

    LECO offers a versatile range of wallcoverings to meet your most diverse needs. The LECO background fleece is an outstanding product. With its excellent quality and versatile application options, it provides a uniform background on which colours and designs can unfold their full effect. 

    LECO has a range of mineral glass fleece wallpapers that provide a smooth and even surface, ideal for all types of painting. These wallpapers are particularly durable and hardwearing, making them the perfect choice for high-traffic rooms or areas where greater resistance to moisture and dirt is required. If you're looking for something softer and more flexible, then LECO's cellulose and textile fibre nonwovens could be just the thing for you. They can either be used as a stand-alone wall decoration or as a base for further coats of paint. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for a variety of design projects. 

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    The bestsellers from LECO 

    To help you choose your perfect wallcovering, we present the top products from LECO. 

    LECO Background Fleece is characterised by its smooth surface, which creates a pleasant atmosphere and complements your interior perfectly. LECO also has glass fleece in its product range, which offers an ideal coating for a variety of backgrounds. The glass fleece ensures a smooth and robust surface. As a painter's fleece, it offers: 

    • an excellent base for colours and 
    • provides a professional finish. 

    With LECO glassfibre, you get a durable and attractive wallcovering that enhances the aesthetic value of your room while promoting the longevity of your walls. 

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    Why order LECO from Fancyhometrends? 

    LECO impresses with its versatile and reliable product range. With a wide selection of designs and styles, there is something to suit every taste and furnishing style. All LECO products stand for high quality thanks to carefully selected and durable materials. Both the LECO non-woven background and the LECO wallpapers are easy to apply and can be applied to the walls with little effort. This makes redesigning your rooms an uncomplicated process. 

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    First-class wallcoverings from LECO for your personal style 

    Discover the first-class LECO wallpapers and the coveted LECO background fleece in our online shop. Give your rooms a very special atmosphere and set individual accents. You will also find a variety of other renowned brands at unbeatable prices, including: 

    Take advantage of the benefits of ordering online at Fancyhometrends, including free shipping for wallpapers within Germany direct to your door. 

    Order your LECO wallpapers today and realise your dream home!