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Architects Paper wallpapers for expressive living

Contemporary architect-style wallpapers impress with their clear design language. With many dynamic effects, they fit perfectly with modern and trendy living trends. Discover the variety of their designs and be inspired by creative eye-catching wallpapers. Are you looking for an effective wallpaper that will give your room a whole new ambience? Then browse through the expressive collections of Architects Paper wallpapers and find your dream wallpaper at Fancyhometrends!

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Architects Paper wallpapers: conjure up more perspective and class in rooms

Looking for an exclusive living ambience to make you feel good? As a subsidiary of A.S. Creátion, Architects Paper creates additional new possibilities for individual and stylish wall ideas in the premium segment with its wallpaper designs.

The extraordinary wallpaper designs are classically modern and play with the principles of perspective and rules of proportion. The designs of the modern wallpapers are diverse and leave room for interpretation and individuality.

Since it was founded in 2008, Architects Paper has been an internationally active premium brand of A.S. Création Tapeten AG, synonymous with exclusive wallcoverings and high-quality surface finishes. Their collections bring a breath of fresh air to individual wall designs - from unique pieces with a handcrafted character to small editions or series production. Would you like to create a cosy look for a special living or work project? Then discover great and inspiring solutions for:

  • Catering
  • salesrooms
  • hotel industry
  • shop windows
  • Lounge or waiting areas

Give your work or living spaces a cosmopolitan touch with these wallpapers and create an exclusive, feel-good ambience

Symmetry and asymmetry: utilising spatial effects

Wallpapers have a particularly vivid and dynamic effect on a room when they are printed with abstract shapes. This design element can be applied to unfavourable room sizes, heights or inadequate lighting conditions, for example. You can observe the following rules when planning: 

  • large geometric patterns visually reduce the size of a room and
  • small geometric structures make a room appear larger.

Symmetrical patterns create width and asymmetrical patterns set specific accents. Symmetrical motifs and patterns look harmonious and uncluttered.

To emphasise one section of a room in particular, it is advisable to wallpaper only one accent wall with graphic patterns.

For rooms with low ceilings, graphic wall coverings with vertical stripes or vertical patterns can make the room appear higher.

Buy Architects Paper wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

Choose great wallpapers from the Architects Paper collections for your walls and conjure up a new and exciting expression in your living spaces. Combine different types of wallpaper in trendy designs and personalise your rooms. Use our sample service and order individual wallpaper samples of your favourites before the final purchase. This will ensure that the wall covering you choose perfectly matches your interior design ideas. In addition to photo wallpapers,vinyl wallpapers and urban non-woven wallpapers, discover other wallpapers in exciting styles in our wallpaper shop, such as 

Use the special service of our online shop for your orders, such as

If you have any questions, browse through our FAQ & help section and contact our dedicated customer support team. Also discover various accessories such as paste for wallpapering your wallpaper. Order beautiful Architects Paper non-woven wallpapers at great prices and high quality at Fancyhometrends now!