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Wallpapers from Novamur: Ella, Daphne and other collections

The Ella, Daphne and Belinda collections from wallpaper manufacturer Novamur are perfect for an elegant living style with tasteful accents. The renowned brand stands for timeless and beautiful wall coverings with harmonious patterns and motifs. Glitter, gloss effects and various graphic patterns are used on delicate and cosy colours. The wall decors also impress with their uniquely textured surfaces, which provide a special feel. Discover beautiful wall coverings with creative looks from Novamur, such as the Ella, Daphne and Belinda collections, for your renovation projects at Fancyhometrends!

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Novamur Ella - wallpaper designs that inspire

The versatile collections from Novamur combine numerous creative natural patterns, such as detailed wood grains and floral prints with plaster looks and stone walls. This creates a decorative charm on the walls and is perfect for hallways, living rooms or kitchens. The unusual designs can be combined with plain wallpapers in the following colours, for example:

  • White
  • grey
  • Beige
  • anthracite
  • cream

These colour combinations look warm, inviting and natural and impress with their simple elegance.

As a subsidiary of Marburger Tapetenfabrik, Novamur is known for its high-quality wallpapers, which are exported to over 50 countries. With motifs from harmonious colour palettes and multi-faceted designs, they create a homely room flair. Graphic motifs in combination with stronger colours and floral patterns give walls a modern and expressive look. Overall, the Novamur portfolio impresses with its diversity and sophisticated elegance.

Sophisticated gloss and glitter effects for special rooms

Many Novamur collections, such as Ella or Guilia, present wallpaper designs with unusual surfaces, such as:

  • Gloss-matt effects
  • embossed lines
  • Noble gold and copper colours
  • Surfaces imitating wood and plaster

These wallpaper decors achieve great glitter effects and shiny, iridescent wall looks thanks to the sophisticated textures in combination with the incidence of light. The non-woven wallpapers from Novamur are also a perfect choice for anyone who likes elegance: beautiful floral motifs alternate with geographical patterns. The result: artistically sophisticated overall designs for sophisticated living concepts.

Buy Novamur wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

Do you want your home to shine in new splendour? Then choose high-quality wallpapers from renowned wallpaper agencies such as Novamur. Order individual wallpaper samplesof your favourites to make sure you choose the right premium non-woven wallpaper for your rooms. Discover other wall designs in interesting styles in our online shop, such as:

You can also browse through our wallpaper guide and get lots of practical tips on renovating. Take advantage of other benefits of our online shop when ordering, such as:

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  • international shipping
  • common payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card)

Do you have general questions about renovation or individual products? Then find answers in our FAQ & help section or contact our customer support. Order your favourite Novamur wallpaper for your renovation projects now at Fancyhometrends!