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Novamur - Modern Wallpaper


Those who prefer a modern and simple style of living with tasteful accents will no longer be able to avoid the wallpaper of Novamur. The German company, which first appeared as a publishing house in 2005, is today known as a renowned brand for timeless and beautiful wall coverings. Glitter, gloss and various graphic patterns are used on delicate and homely colours and continue to impress with their unique textured surfaces, which provide a special feel. The versatile collections of Novamur also combine creative natural patterns, such as detailed wood grain and flower prints, with plaster optics and stone walls for a decorative charm in your hallway, living room or kitchen. The unusual designs can be combined, for example, with plain wallpapers in unobtrusive white, grey, beige, anthracite and cream.The production of the brand wallpapers was carried out from the beginning by the Marburger Tapetenfabrik, since 2016 Novamur belongs to this as a 100 percent subsidiary. The high-quality wallpapers are sold in over 50 countries at attractive prices. The harmonious colours and multi-faceted designs create a homely atmosphere. Uniform graphics in interplay with stronger colours and naturalistic floral patterns also give the bedroom a modern and comfortable look. Novamur's portfolio convinces with its versatility and its consistent simple elegance.