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    Non-Woven Wallpapers - Easy Processing

    Non-woven wallpapers have become the absolute favourite among wallpapers. A particularly easy processing allows easy wallpapering and processing! 

    Non-woven wallpaper wallpapering - Without soaking time non-woven wallpapers can be processed directly on the prepasted wall. The non-woven material makes the wallpapers wash- and light-resistant as well as completely dry peelable. The non-woven wallpaper consists of a mix of textile fibres and cellulose, which makes it particularly hard-wearing. But non-woven wallpapers can score with further advantages. In the meantime, non-woven wallpapers are available in a huge selection and with different surfaces. Whether non-woven wallpaper in white, turquoise or grey, there is a wallpaper for every taste. Likewise, the non-woven wallpapers can be easily installed in any living room or other room of your choice and just as quickly non-woven wallpapers can be removed again. Also for beginners the non-woven wallpapers are wallpaperable and easy to apply. Uni designs are easiest to apply to the wall, as they are free of ridges and do not need to be connected to the next track. So changing wallpaper is easy and rooms can be designed individually again and again. This is especially practical in children's rooms, as the tastes of the youngest children change with age.

    Non-woven wallpaper base - Even small irregularities can be easily covered with non-woven wallpaper, but the base should always be well prepared and painted in a uniform colour so that it does not shine through the wallpaper. 

    Painting non-woven wallpaper - Also, the non-woven wallpapers do not have to be painted over again, because they are already a final solution by your coloring and patterns.

    Other aspects that speak for the non-woven wallpapers are that they are flame retardant and resistant to moisture and steam, yet breathable. Therefore non-woven wallpapers are also suitable for the bathroom and the kitchen, as the wallpapers are easily washable.

    An important sign to look out for when buying non-woven wallpaper is the RAL quality mark, as only these non-woven wallpapers comply with the strict quality regulations of a pollutant-free production.

    You will find the right wallpaper for every furnishing idea here. Many wallpaper designs in different colours are available to create your own 4 walls beautifully. In the Cheapluxus wallpaper shop you will find non-woven wallpapers from well-known German and international wallpaper manufacturers at great prices.