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    Wall mural with forest and meadow motif 

    Looking for a natural photo wallpaper with an idyllic forest motif? If you want to utilise the great effect of a forest wallpaper for your wall design, you will find inspiring designs in our photo wallpapers with expressive forest and meadow motifs. The motifs include forest landscapes, meadows or even mist and grass decors. They conjure up a natural atmosphere in your room and invite you to relax. Discover the perfect photo wallpaper with lots of nature, forests and meadows in our online shop for your trendy home at Fancyhometrends! 

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    Idyllic photo wallpaper with forest and meadow motif

    Wall murals with nature motifs, such as forests or meadows, offer numerous advantages that make them a perfect choice for your wall decoration, such as:  

    • they create a relaxing atmosphere
    • they can be combined with other wallpapers
    • they make a room appear deeper and therefore larger
    • they convey a trendy living ambience

    Wall murals with enchanting trees, such as conifers, birches or beeches, are an excellent choice for the wall design of your rooms, as they create an impressive atmosphere and can also be combined with different interior styles. A landscape photo wallpaper with meadow or forest scenes gives a room a special atmosphere. Compared to paintings or coloured paints, photo wallpapers with nature motifs are also often a cheaper option.

    Designing living spaces with woodland wallpaper has been very popular for several years now. The green and brown colours of the trees and other forest elements create a warm and calming atmosphere in the room. Forest wallpapers are also very versatile. Whether in the living room, bedroom or office, they go well with numerous interiors and designs.

    Easy renovation in no time at all

    Non-woven photo wallpapers are very easy to apply using the paste the wall technique: All you have to do is apply the paste to the wall, press on the panels and you're done. You can create a great and long-lasting look on your walls in no time at all. Order your favourite photo wallpaper now from Germany's leading mail order company for wallpaper with the right paste at Fancyhometrends!

    Buy premium quality wallpaper from Fancyhometrends

    At Fancyhometrends, you can buy premium quality photomurals from renowned manufacturers. Our non-woven wallpapers with realistic photo motifs impress with their long service life and high durability. Choose your favourite wallpaper from the wide range of expressive trend designs and conjure up a relaxed living ambience in your home. You can also find other wallpaper designs in different colours and styles at affordable prices, such as:

    Use our excellent customer support and the FAQ & help section to clarify your questions. When you order from our online shop, you benefit from our comprehensive all-round service, such as: 

    • a wallpaper guide with practical information on the effects of different types of wallpaper,  
    • free shipping for wallpaper throughout Germany and 
    • standard payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card)

    You can also buy affordable and first-class accessories, such as paste for easy application of your wallpaper. Order expressive non-woven photo wallpapers with forest and meadow motifs at favourable prices at Fancyhometrends now!