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    Exquisite photo wallpaper: impressive animals & animal worlds

    Wall murals with various animal motifs, as well as impressive animal photographs and animal graphics, transform your home into a fantastic living backdrop. Impressive lions, giraffes and rhinos in creative wallpaper designs make for absolute eye-catchers. Birds such as penguins and flamingos can also adorn your walls in the form of photo wallpapers and make them appear alive. Discover the fascinating world of photo wallpapers with animal motifs and browse through our wide range for your favourite wallpaper at Fancyhometrends!

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    Wall mural: animals, flora and fauna in many shapes and designs

    Wall murals with animal designs create a unique atmosphere in the room. For example, photomurals with a jungle motif can convey a sense of adventure and wilderness, while those with a forest motif can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. They also have other advantages, such as:

    • They can serve as the focal point of the room: By placing a photo wallpaper with an animal motif on a wall, it becomes the central focus. A photo wallpaper with a majestic eagle can thus focus attention in a living room or study. 
    • They can add a personal touch: If you're an animal lover or have a special connection to a particular species, you can choose a photo wallpaper with a corresponding motif to express your personality.  
    • They are easy to clean and durable: Wall murals are generally very durable and easy to clean. If they are washable, they can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dust or dirt.  
    • They are suitable for different rooms: in addition to decorative wall designs in living rooms and bedrooms, photo wallpapers with small animal motifs, such as birds or butterflies, are great for children's rooms. 

    Fill your home with new designs using these ingenious photo wallpapers. Wall murals with animal motifs are very versatile. They are suitable for almost any room in your home, be it the bedroom, living room or even the bathroom. They can also be made in different sizes and shapes to fit perfectly into the room and fulfil your individual wishes.

    Photomurals with artistic animal motifs and more from Fancyhometrends

    The non-woven wallpapers with photo prints are easy to apply and offer a long service life. Choose your favourite photo wallpaper from our large range and conjure up an animal eye-catcher in your home in no time at all. You can also find other decors from creative collections in various colours and designs at unbeatable prices, such as:

    When ordering in our online shop, take advantage of our service, such as various secure payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card), a wallpaper guide with practical tips on all aspects of renovation and free shipping for wallpapers within Germany. 

    If you have any questions about our company or individual products, please contact our customer support team and use our FAQ & help section. You can also buy practical accessories such as paste for hanging your wallpaper. Order beautiful non-woven photo wallpapers with artistic animal designs at low prices at Fancyhometrends now!