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    Floral & plant wallpapers for romantic and trendy living spaces

    Do you like integrating flowers and plants into your living concepts? Our photorealistic floral & plant wallpapers offer elegant and enchanting floral motifs that make a statement in any room. They are popular in many rooms, including bedrooms, children's rooms, offices and hallways. Beautify your home and discover great photo wallpapers with beautiful floral motifs from renowned manufacturers at Fancyhometrends! 

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    Flowers & plants wallpapers: artistic living with floral motifs

    Flowers & plants are a magical gift from nature. Floral wallpapers allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature in your home. We offer a wide selection of floral wallpapers, ranging from botanical plants and flowers to trees and landscapes. Whether you opt for close-ups of bold blooms or abstract paintings of flowers, we offer a wide range of nature motifs, such as:

    • Landscapes
    • trees
    • botanical plants
    • flowers
    • herbs

    The fantastic nature motifs of our non-woven wallpapers exude a homely and cosy charm. Combined with furniture in a wide range of styles, these photomurals radiate a unique feel-good atmosphere.

    The colour effects of floral & plant wallpapers

    The diverse colour tones in the world of flowers range from pastel shades to high-contrast and bright, squeaky colours. Each colour evokes its own associations and memories. Earthy and natural colours, such as brown and beige tones, often convey a sense of security and stability. Shades of green are said to have a harmonious effect. Shades of red, such as pink, violet or orange, can have an energising and invigorating effect. Many photomurals with floral motifs are interspersed with shades of green and radiate optimism and dynamism with their colourful flowers. Discover great wallpaper designs with roses, orchards, poppies or other beautiful floral motifs.

    Whether you opt for a photo or a painting, our floral wallpapers are very varied and bring a great breath of fresh air into your home. Wall murals with flowers can brighten up the walls of a bedroom or kitchen in an instant and transform the rooms into the centrepiece of your home.

    Buy floral & plant wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

    Choose beautiful floral & plant wallpapers for your home and conjure up a new living ambience in your rooms. Find great wall coverings in our online shop. Choose your favourite design from renowned wallpaper manufacturers in high quality and combine them with other wallpaper styles, such as:

    Order your new photo wallpaper conveniently in our online shop and take advantage of benefits such as:

    • a wallpaper guide for various inspirations,
    • free shipping for wallpapers within Germany and 
    • flexible payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).

    Do you still have questions about individual wallpapers, accessories such as paste or how to apply your favourite wallpaper? Then please explore our FAQ & help section or contact our dedicated customer support team. Design your home with great floral photo wallpapers and order them in top quality at low prices at Fancyhometrends!