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    High-quality 3D wallpapers with great depth effect

    Photomurals with exquisite 3D effects are more in demand than ever, as they allow us to achieve deceptively realistic effects. Do you want to design your rooms to give them more depth and create an impressive living ambience? Then choose one of our high-quality 3D wallpapers with a great depth effect and create an exciting room design. Discover wonderful motifs from renowned wallpaper manufacturers at favourable prices at Fancyhometrends!

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    3D wallpapers with great depth effect: modern living made easy

    In addition to its use in film and video art, augmented reality technology is also becoming increasingly important in wallpaper production. Whether geometric figures, landscapes, stones or other natural motifs: 3D wallpapers make many perspectives possible and create fantastic spatial experiences. The secret lies in the motif itself. There, the pixels are rearranged by a special programme. This skilfully manipulates the human sense of sight and creates a completely new world. Non-woven wallpapers with a 3D look are particularly impressive:

    • Durability and robustness
    • bright colours
    • versatile designs
    • good combinability

    These realistic wallpapers add depth and dimension to your room: with 3D wallpaper, you can project your favourite objects or landscapes directly into your home. Your guests will be impressed when they walk into your living room for the first time and feel like they've stepped into another world.

    Self-adhesive or with the paste the wall technique: this is how easy it is to apply 3D wallpaper

    Applying non-woven wallpaper is child's play with the paste the wall technique: simply apply the paste to the walls, then apply the dry strips one after the other: done. If you buy a self-adhesive wallpaper with a 3D look, you also only need a few steps: simply peel off a 10 cm wide strip of the film, position the wallpaper on the wall, press it on at the same time and remove the backing material. The panels of self-adhesive wallpaper are ideal for smaller sections of wall or individual accent walls. 

    Visually enlarge small rooms The 3D photos can create a breathtaking illusion of depth and space, which is why they are often used to visually enlarge small rooms. The motifs deceive the human sense of sight and make the walls or floor of a room appear further away. Various fantastic effects can be created, such as

    • warm light reflections spread throughout the room
    • vertical stripes can make the ceiling appear higher
    • horizontal stripes make a room appear wider
    • Patterns that aim into the distance create an enlargement of the room

    The use of 3D motifs such as shading and light reflections makes a room appear more lively and interesting overall.

    Buy 3D-look wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

    Bring new life to your rooms with beautiful 3D wallpapers. Transform your home with great, high-quality wall coverings and achieve sensational room effects. Choose your favourite design from our plain wallpaper collection and combine it with other wallpaper styles such as stone-effect wallpaper, pattern wallpaper, country house wallpaper or vintage wallpaper.

    Order your new quality wallpaper conveniently and easily in our online shop and benefit from our wallpaper guide, free delivery for wallpapers within Germany and common payment options such as bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

    Do you still have questions about the effect or application of individual wallpaper styles? Then discover our FAQ & help section or contact our customer support. Choose 3D non-woven wallpaper for your home and order it in premium quality at low prices at Fancyhometrends!