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    Unusual photo wallpapers - would you like a little more?

    Are you looking for an unusual and extravagant photo wallpaper as a unique eye-catcher for your home? Our wallpaper creations are special eye-catchers and impress with great motifs. The exciting wow effect is created by daring colour combinations or special designs that conjure up a surprise effect on the walls. Discover unusual wallpaper designs and unusual non-woven photomurals for great, spectacular wall designs at Fancyhometrends!

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    Unusual photo wallpapers for unusual home design

    Whether it's a wall of books, a Bible psalm or a depiction of Euro pallets - unusual wallpaper designs with exciting motifs transform your room into a special place to live. Those who like to make a statement and love to stand out from the crowd will find a wide range of great extravagant wallpaper designs in our range, including:

    • opulent jungle motifs
    • splendid floral patterns
    • Rococo-style photomurals
    • Art Deco elements

    Extravagant wallpaper motifs are particularly suitable for rooms such as living rooms with high ceilings. With high walls, 3D motifs also come into their ownand create a completely new living environment. Realise exciting living concepts and find expressive and extravagant photo wallpapers in our wide range at Fancyhometrends!

    Showcase extravagant wallpapers in a special way

    Expressive wallpapers have an even stronger effect when they are applied in exposed areas, for example on the ceiling or as an accent wall. In rooms such as children's rooms, bedrooms or hallways, special wallpaper designs on the ceiling create great eye-catching moments. Opting for wallpaper on the ceiling takes courage, but will be rewarded. Do you want to design these rooms in a completely different way? Then use unconventional wallpaper patterns on the ceiling to create sensational decorations and cause a sensation. These combinations are particularly suitable in terms of motifs:

    • Bedroom: roses, nature motifs, birds or geometric patterns in pastel colours.
    • Children's room: cloudscapes, stars or butterflies. 
    • Hallway or living room: wood effects, striped patterns or mosaics.
    • Bathroom: floral motifs, pebbles, dandelions and much more.

    For an accent wall, extravagant non-woven wallpapers with bright colours from designers such as:

    In addition to our various photo wallpapers, you will find particularly eccentric and dazzling motifs for embellishing your walls in their collections.

    Buy extraordinary wallpapers and more at Fancyhometrends

    Wallpaper your rooms with extravagant non-woven wallpapersin premium quality and beautify your walls in no time at all. Choose your favourite design from our plain wallpaper collection and combine it with other wallpaper styles such as stone-effect wallpaper, art deco wallpaper, pattern wallpaper, country house wallpaper or vintage wallpaper. Order your stylish pattern wallpaper from the comfort of your own home and benefit from various advantages, such as:

    • a wallpaper guide for even more inspiration,  
    • free shipping for wallpapers within Germany and 
    • practical payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card).

    Do you still have a question about how to apply the wallpaper or about individual products? Our friendly customer support team will be happy to help you at any time. Also discover our exciting FAQ & help section. Here you'll quickly find answers to the most common and frequently asked questions. Design your home with inspiring non-woven wallpapers with photo print and order them at favourable prices at Fancyhometrends!