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    Wall mural with graphic motifs for timeless living flair

    Wall murals with graphic and geometric motifs give your walls a futuristic and modern look. Do you love a straightforward and trendy living ambience? Then you've come to the right place with photomurals with graphic patterns, because they are masterpieces of fashionable wall design. All wallpaper lovers will get their money's worth here. Whether circles, dots, triangles, zig-zag patterns or other geometric shapes - the great graphic designs instantly enhance any room and match almost any interior design style. Discover the coolest non-woven photomurals with graphic elements for your renovation project at Fancyhometrends!

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    Buy photo wallpaper with graphic elements

    Are you looking for an unusual photo wallpaper? Then browse this section for wallpaper designs with geometric and graphic motifs and enjoy designs with maximum expressiveness. Non-woven wallpapers with geometric and graphic patterns, such as stripes, circles, diamonds and squares, transform simple walls into modern works of art. What makes graphic and geometric photomurals so special? In addition to the impressive room effect, they offer many advantages, such as:

    • timeless designs
    • Can be used in almost all rooms
    • clear design language

    With a graphic-style photo wallpaper, you are opting for a timeless wallpaper classic that fits into many interior design styles, from retro designs and ethnic patterns to modern interpretations. Graphic non-woven wallpapers impress with their three-dimensional effect and give rooms more depth. They look particularly harmonious in combination with plain-coloured wallpapers.

    The effect of geometric wallpapers

    There is a wide range of geometric and graphic wallpaper patterns. Whether familiar shapes such as lines, circles, diamonds, squares, triangles, stripes or even abstract shapes: Many designers are inspired by geometric figures and combine them with new creative patterns. The individual elements create different spatial effects, such as:

    • Lines: Vertical lines can visually stretch a room and make it appear larger and more spacious. Vertical lines convey a feeling of stability and steadfastness.
    • Circles: Circle motifs create a certain dynamism. They can create an energetic atmosphere and make a room appear very dynamic.
    • Diamonds/squares: Diamonds and squares radiate order and clarity.
    • Triangles: Triangular motifs lend a room a lively and playful atmosphere.

    Depending on the effect you want to achieve, photo wallpapers with graphics convey a cosy feeling of space. This quickly transforms small rooms or narrow corridors into a room with a prestigious character.

    Top quality - discover the world of wallpaper from Fancyhometrends

    We combine exciting designs, current living trends and high quality in our product world so that you can feel completely at ease in your home. The use of first-class materials and the careful workmanship of renowned wallpaper manufacturers ensure that your wallpaper will last a long time and be highly durable. Discover a large selection of premium non-woven wallpapers in various colours and designs at unbeatable prices.

    When you order from our online shop, you also benefit from our excellent customer service, such as:

    • our wallpaper guide with practical tips on renovating,
    • free, Germany-wide shipping for wallpapers and 
    • various secure payment options that you can choose from. 

    If you have any questions, please browse through our FAQ & help section and contact our customer support team. Also discover practical accessories such as paste for applying your wallpaper. Order beautiful non-woven photo wallpapers with graphic and geometric motifs at great prices at Fancyhometrends now!