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Erfurt woodchip paste 200g wallpaper paste paper
Erfurt woodchip paste 200g wallpaper paste paper -32%
Erfurt woodchip paste 200g wallpaper paste paper 1

Erfurt woodchip paste 200g wallpaper paste paper

  • Item number: 1003496
  • Manufacturer: Erfurt
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Woodchip paste for woodchip and paper wallpapers from Erfurt

The woodchip paste from Erfurt was specially developed for wallpapers that require a soaking time. The paste is therefore ideal for woodchip wallpaper or heavy paper wallpaper. In order to use the paste, it must first be mixed with water. After about 10 minutes it is ready for use and can either be processed traditionally by hand with a wallpapering table and tassel or with a pasting machine. One pack of the paste is enough for approx. 30 m². In addition, the paste impresses with its high initial adhesion and very good correctability on the wall.


The surface must be flat, firm, dry, clean, stable and free of other intermediate layers that disrupt the bond. Existing coatings must be checked for suitability, load-bearing capacity and adhesion. Any coatings that are not intact or unsuitable must be removed and disposed of according to regulations. Distemper must be washed off thoroughly. Highly absorbent surfaces must be pre-pasted or, if necessary, pre-treated with wallpaper primer. Sprinkle the contents of the package into approx. 6 liters of cold water and stir vigorously. Let it soak and stir vigorously again after about 3 minutes. After another 5 minutes the paste can be used.

  • Product type: woodchip paste for woodchip and paper wallpapers
  • Contents: 200 g (enough for approx. 30 m²)
  • Application: ready to use in 10 minutes, paste in Mix water
  • Properties: high initial adhesion, very good correctability, high adhesive strength, easy to use, transparent drying, diffusible
  • Special features: new and in its original packaging, German quality product

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