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Marburg Wallpapers

As one of the oldest wallpaper manufacturers in Europe, the Marburg company produces first-class wallpapers. Already in the fifth generation high-quality wallpapers are produced. Cooperation with designers such as Colini and Glööckler also speak for the brand manufacturer. The manufacturer is also known in the market for its creative wallpaper patterns and its claim to offer the right wall decoration for everyone. Find your perfect Marburg wallpaper in our shop to create your dream home. Whether designs with rhinestones and pearls or patterns, all products are unique. Whether you prefer the classic, playful or graphic look, the Marburg wallpapers always look as they should and are so timeless that you will enjoy them for a lifetime. You can also design your entire premises in a variety of ways with the Marburg collections. Subtle shades of colour such as cream, brown or white create harmonious walls in the kitchen and hallway, while shades of pink, blue and yellow fit perfectly into the children's room. Because Marburg also has motifs suitable for children and thus inspires every child.

All wallpapers are free of PVC, chlorine and plasticizers. Furthermore, wallpaper manufacturer Marburg is the right choice for all environmentally conscious people, as all requirements concerning sustainability and environmental friendliness are fulfilled.